British Open 2011: 20 Hottest WAGs at Royal St. George's

Scott HowardContributor IJuly 12, 2011

British Open 2011: 20 Hottest WAGs at Royal St. George's

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    The British Open at Royal St. George's starts this Thursday, so it's time to do a little prep work. I know you're not concerned with the actual players in the field, but you are concerned with the good-looking women that will be supporting them in the stands.

    Golf has some of the hottest WAGs, namely because they are always in the sun and generally in some sort of skimpy-yet-classy attire.

    The women on this list definitely represent the sport well. Here are the 20 hottest WAGs of this year's British Open.

20. Amanda Leonard

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    The wife of Justin, Amanada Leonard has perfected the "hot mom at a sporting event" look with the baseball cap, sunglasses, and polo shirt.

19. Lisa Cink

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    Stewart Cink is on the older side of the British Open competitors, but with the support of his wife Lisa I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a run this weekend.

18. Jocelyn Hefner

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    Any woman named Hefner has to be hot, right?

    She's the wife of Paul Casey, who is in this weekend's British Open field. It must be hard for him to concentrate on his game when she's making her Borat face on the sidelines.

17. Richelle Baddeley

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    Richelle married her husband Aaron despite the millions of horrible "men behaving Baddeley" puns she must now endure.

    She makes quite the victory prize.

16. Morgan Norman

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    Morgan Norman has double ties to the golf world: she dated golfer and British Open participant Sergio Garcia, but she is also the daughter of legendary choke artist Greg Norman.

    She's clearly hot, but her name reminds me a little too much of Stormin' Norman.

15. Anna Cladakis

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    Any time you can put "former Hooters waitress" on your resume, you know you've got something good going on.

    Once again John Daly strikes out of his league. The worst part? Daly had the matching pants for those shorts.

14. Kate Rose

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    Justin Rose settled down with his bride Kate in 2006.

    She is a former international gymnast, so I guess we all know what that means. She has some serious competitive spirit.

    Why, what were you thinking?

13. Emma Lofgren

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    Emma Lofgren and Henrik Stenson combine to form one of the truly iconic Swedish power couples in sports history.

    Emma played golf at South Carolina and Henrik is looking to win this weekend's British Open.

12. Alexandra Browne

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    Ignore the concerned expression and imagine Alexandra Browne with a smile. She's dating Rickie Fowler, who will be playing in this weekend's British Open.

    Alexandra is no stranger to golf, as she is the daughter of pro golfer Olin Browne.

11. Sherrie Daly

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    Sherrie is one of John Daly's many ex-wives. I don't know what was more surprising-- that John Daly can get girls like this or that he is actually in the field for the 2011 British Open.

10. Christina Zimmer

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    Christina Zimmer is the girlfriend of American golfer Jeff Overton, who made last year's Ryder Cup team.

    Please no jokes involving Christina and the word "Ryder." Let's keep it classy, people.

9. Holly Sweeney

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    Rory McIlroy may be the most promising young golfer out there, so it's no surprise that he would be able to pull one of the hottest WAGs in golf.

    Rory smashed the record at the U.S. Open last month and is one of the favorites to win the British Open near his native Ireland.

8. Diane Antonopoulos

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    Diane is the wife of golfer Luke Donald, and she may in fact be a distant cousin of the famous Steve Polychronopolous.

    Either way she's looking good.

7. Amy Mickelson

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    Lefty's wife is pretty much the epitome of a golf WAG right now: classy, beautiful, and supportive.

    She and her husband shared a legendary moment after Phil won the 2010 Masters and the couple embraced and cried in each others' arms.

    Any woman who can go through a struggle like that and remain smiling is alright in my book.

6. Allison Micheletti

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    The girlfriend of Martin Kaymer, Allison Micheletti tried her own hand at golfing when she attempted to qualify for the European Tour.

    I wouldn't want to go out for a golfing weekend with this couple.

5. Liz Estes

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    I have to thank Liz. Before, when I saw the name "Estes" I always thought of the former San Francisco Giants left-handed starter.

    Now the name will forever evoke this image. I suppose I should thank her husband Bob for being good enough at golf to include his wife on this list.

4. Natalie Gulbis

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    It was never really clear whether Dustin Johnson and Natalie Gulbis were a couple, but we in the sports blogging community have made her an honorary member of the WAG class.

    She's already atop the "hottest female golfer" lists, and now she's at the top of the hottest golf WAGs list. What's next?

    Maybe she'll start dating a basketball player or become a Miami Heat cheerleader so we can add her to more lists. Ah, one can only dream.

3. Ana Ivanovic

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    Ivanovic and boyfriend Adam Scott split this January, thus ending this ever-rare golf/tennis tryst.

    It doesn't really matter that they broke up, since now Ivanovic will forever be considered a golf WAG.

2. Kandi Mahan

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    Everybody loves candy. Hunter Mahan loves his wife, Kandi. You see what I did there?

    You have to love a golf WAG that's not afraid to take it off for the camera. It's a rare trait. I guess it helps when you're a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

1. Ellie Harvey

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    Jason Day is one of the upcoming young golfers in the sport after consecutive second-place finishes at this year's Masters and U.S. Open.

    We noticed him for another reason, however...his smoking hot wife.

    Unfortunately there are no high quality pictures of her by herself on the web. I mean, I'm a dog person as much as the next guy, but I could not be more upset with that puppy right now.

    Can't you see the look in his eyes saying, "Jealous?"