WWE Straight Edge Evolution: Has CM Punk Become the Newest Anti-Hero?

DinoCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2011

The past couple of weeks, CM Punk has changed dramatically.

Ever since his rant on Vince McMahon and how the WWE is run, he has been getting a completely different response from the crowd. He went from getting a few chants every night to full-blown noise in the arena that can compare to the response John Cena gets.

The question is, what does the future hold for CM Punk? Is he really leaving the WWE for good? If so, then a great opportunity at creating a legend has been wasted.

Perhaps he has created a new Stone Cold Steve Austin. How ironic, since CM Punk was wearing an Austin shirt during his now infamous rant. That rant is like the King of the Ring speech Austin made in 1996 that jumpstarted his career and began a new era of wrestling.

Will CM Punk start his own era of wrestling? Can he end the PG era that has been dominated by Cena for years? Or will this be another mistake made by Vince McMahon?

This Sunday, we will probably find out, at the Money in the Bank pay per view in Chicago.