Tampa Bay Rays 9=8?

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Tampa Bay Rays 9=8?

In 1998 the Tampa Bay Devil Rays were formed. For years their disastrous record was made fun of and they started to not even enjoy opening day. They kept piling up there highly rated draft picks and just needed something, a change perhaps. Before the 2008 season they cut out the Devil in Tampa Bay Devil Rays to what they are now Tampa Bay Rays. All of their draft picks and prospects from trades worked together in Joe Maddons formula 9=8. If 9 players work up to there potential and as a team they get one of the 8 playoff spots. They got one of the playoff spots as you probably know. The rays first played the White Sox in the American league division series and won. It was now 9=4. Then they Played the Boston Red Sox in what they had a 3-1 lead in Games but the Red Sox were determined not to stay quite. the Red sox won the next 2 games so it was 3-3. The Rays then won it. 9=2. In the World series things weren't going as planned while they played the well rested Phillies. No one can argue that Joe Maddon is a good manager, one of the best; But a horrible Math teacher.

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