TNA Impact Wrestling Does Right in Firing Worthless Trio

Rob BeloteSenior Analyst IJuly 11, 2011

When I heard that TNA Impact Wrestling had fired three wrestlers, I was worried.

Then I saw which trio they had fired, and I was actually pleased.

I wouldn't have kept Orlando Jordan or the Young Bucks on the roster either. They were a waste of space, all three of them.

Sure, the Young Bucks were talented, but they never established themselves. Not only was it hard to remember which ones they were, but mixing up their identities wasn't the main problem.

They were interchangeable.

I'm sure there are some of you out there who think I listed Orlando Jordan as a worthless waste of space because of his flamboyant ways, but I'm far from homophobic.

In fact, if one of the Young Bucks had been a gay character (or bisexual), it would've helped them. It would've given us a reason to care about their characters. It would've made it easier to remember which was which, and we could've had some interest in what their characters were doing in a given week.

Instead, they were interchangeable. Not just with one another, but with any other pair of random generic X-Division-skilled wrestlers from around the world.

And TNA Impact Wrestling proved that over the past month with their X-Division invitational three-ways.

Most of those guys showed WAY more promise than the Young Bucks did. Maybe by getting rid of the Young Bucks, we'll get some of those guys to show up in Impact Wrestling and team up and give us a reason to care about them.

Quite honestly, I'd love it if TNA Impact Wrestling would rehire Jay Lethal onto the roster and pay him at least as much as the combined contracts of the Young Bucks, but I'll be satisfied if we get two competitors whose names I don't mix up due to their lack of charisma and storytelling ability.

And by "story-telling ability", I don't mean anything about getting mic time, because plenty of guys like Petey Williams and countless others were able to tell stories in the ring with their action, getting their personas noticed with the little things they did.

For anyone who has seen Orlando Jordan perform on television, he's quite the opposite of the Young Bucks. He's a guy you're not likely to forget.

The problem is, he's a comic book. He's a cartoon. He's not realistic. He's too over-the-top. Risking the potential negative feedback I'll get by using a term related to fruit juice, he's too "concentrated".

Characters like that never last.

We don't take them seriously, whether they're a flamboyant, bisexual or a guy who dances to disco music in the ring or a guy who dresses up like an Asian Elvis or Curry Man himself.

Because Orlando Jordan was a cartoon character during his time in TNA Impact Wresting, he was never going to amount to much. His average in-ring skills aside, his potential was limited.

Making matters worse, he got associated with Eric Young, a guy who actually gets a strong fan following despite not having a lot invested in him by the creative team, and he starts dragging Eric Young down into the abyss of lowered-credibility with him.

I've got no problem with cartoonish characters with average in-ring skills taking up roster spots in TNA, but when they start dragging down talented and charismatic performers who could actually be a positive differentiator in the ratings for TNA Impact Wrestling if correctly utilized, then it's time to go.

I wish all three of those guys the best, and if they're able to find ways to tweak their performances to the point that they make up for the shortcomings I've listed, I'll be happy to give them another chance on my television. But for now, it was truly time for them to leave TNA Impact Wrestling, I'm glad they're gone, and you should be too.