Ten Top Tens After Week Ten In College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer INovember 2, 2008

Top Ten Teams

1) Texas Tech-I promised the Red Raider fans if they won this is where they would be in all of polls I vote in.

2) Penn State- Starters got some rest Vs. Idle.

3) Alabama-Ho hum, Arkansas State, they have some work ahead of them and they know it.

4) Utah-A win is a win.

5) Boise State-Just moving them according to where they have been.

6) Ball State-Probably a good weekend to have off.

7) Texas-Using my same formula I've used all year this is where they are.

8) Oklahoma State-Still not sure how people have the Sooners ahead of them based on common factors.

9) Florida-All you can say is WOW!

10) USC-Tossed a coin between them and the Sooners and they won this week.

Ten Best Games I Watched Yesterday

1) Texas Tech 39, Texas 33-Heart, guts, and effort; this one had it all.

2) Miami 24, Virginia 17 (OT)-The catches, the comeback, the freshmen; I have to see this one again.

3) Pittsburgh 36, Notre Dame 33 (4 OT)- Kids making plays under pressure, this was good stuff.

4) Missouri 31, Baylor 28- Robert Griffin is the future of Big 12 football.

5) Arkansas 30, Tulsa 23-Tulsa players were 1/2 the size but had just as much heart in a game they could have easily quit in.

6) Oregon State 27, Arizona State 25-It was last but not least.

7) BYU 45, Colorado State 42- 5 Back and forth 4th quarter TD's, the final one coming with 22 seconds left.

8) Navy 33, Temple 27 (OT)- A massive comeback and a win in OT; what a game!

9) Kentucky 14, Mississippi State 13- And who said the extra point is a gimme?

10) Wake Forest 33, Duke 30 (OT)- This one had me on the edge of my seat.

My Top 10 Favorite Bloggers and Blogs That Aren't Mine

1) Yaro Starak- Makes over $20,000 a month teaching people about blogging; an all around good guy.

2) Tech Crunch- The Gorilla of blogs; those little boxes to the right probably go for about $20,000 each a month.

3) Darren Rowse-Darren started by making a photoblog for his church, shortly thereafter was the first 6 figure Blogger; an all around good guy as well.

4) John Chow-His blog is about how much money he makes just by  talking about how much money he makes in his blog; go figure, John is pushing $40,000 a month and gave me words to live by, "I'm gonna never happens".

5) Shoemoney-Legendary month in August of 2005 when Shoe pulled in $132,994 from Google ads alone.

6) Lisa Horne-I read most of her stuff at Bleacher Report but she's a Blogger too.

7) Leigh Peele- We compare notes about Blogging and her Blog motivates me to go to the gym every day.

8) Blaine Moore-Doesn't only "Run to Win", but is a winner. Last I heard he told me he was training for a 50 mile race.

9) Awful Announcing- Who doesn't like this topic?

10) Kissing Suzy Kolber- the most commonly clicked link on my Blog.

Ten Teams Who Got It Done

1) Texas Tech-Though the pollsters will act like they didn't.

2) Florida-That was a spanking.

3) TCU- Did anyone notice the show these guys put on?

4) Oklahoma-It was over by the end of the first quarter

5) Boise State - Easy in what some people had pegged as a tough one.

6) Alabama-First shutout in a very long time.

7) USC- Hey Chris Petersen, I have this great gig for you.

8) North Texas State-Finally a winner.

9) Michigan State- Took them a while to get the lead but they got it in the end.

10) Clemson- New coach, new attitude, new team?

Ten Who Didn't Get It Done

1) Georgia- When they're good, they're good; when they're bad....

2) Minnesota- Looked slow and just bad.

3) Florida State-Something tells me they may pay more attention to how they hold the football.

4) Oregon-Lost a tough one in a weather game.

5) Louisville- What was that?

6) Texas-That first half cost them.

7) Tennessee-Fulmer absolutely need that win.

8) Michigan- The bowl streak is officially over.

9) Notre Dame-A bad kicking game will get you usually several times a year.

10) Wisconsin- Another blown lead.

Ten Things I'm Still Too Old to Understand

1) Stoppage after every play- Every touchdown is a delayed celebration as is every catch; too much already.

2) Fun Size Candy- 1/3 of a candy bar, what so fun about that?

3) Tim McCarver-I realized this past week that I don't even think he's talking about Baseball.

4) LSU Uniforms-Do they even make a colored jersey for them anymore and when was the last time they wore it?

5) Why they changed the clock rules-The games take "too long" but the officials can huddle for hours.

6) Using unsubstantiated personal attacks that reek of a despicable,  mean, and disturbing hatred rather than presenting alternative facts in a disagreement- And it's endorsed and supported by people you would least expect it from.

7) What defines a celebration penalty-One week they call everything the next they call nothing.

8) How Brent Musberger became the # 1 announcer- Does experience mean that much?

9) How a player holds a ball like a loaf of bread by the goal line- See Florida State.

10) How people keep talking about falling gas prices-It's still $3.50 a gallon in downtown Chicago.

Top Ten Players From Week 10

1) Tim Tebow- Would they be 1/2 the team without him?

2) Pat White- WVU is a totally different team when he is healthy.

3) Max Hall- Came up with some great plays that no one got to see.

4) Michael Crabtree- Did he win the Heisman?

5) Conor Lee-He was on the money.

6) Robert Griffin- I should just cut and past his name into this list every week.

7) Grahm Harrell- 474 yards and some nifty footwork.

8) Brendan Smith-Something he'll remember his whole life.

9) Jacory Harris- He has some amazing wide receivers as well.

10) Zac Robinson-395 yards in the blowout.

Ten Coach Of The Year Candidates (updated)

1) Joe Paterno- He can win it every year.

2) Tim Breswter- Even after Saturday it's been quite a story.

3) David Cutcliffe- He doesn't win them all but it's been quite a turnaround.

4) Bobby Johnson-Getting less press as the weeks go on.

5) Mike Leach-He'll never win it but maybe he deserves it.

6) Houston Nutt-This may be his greatest work ever.

7) Kyle Whittingham-The BCS buster?

8) Chris Petersen- I really get the feeling he cares more about having fun than anything else.

9) Mike Gundy- If they win Bedlam he's a legit candidate.

10) David Bailiff-They're 6-3 and looking good getting there.

Ten Fearless Predictions

1) Penn State wins the National title- Does Joe Pa call it a perfect exit?

2) David Cutcliffe isn't at Duke long-He's not going to Tennessee, the Fulmer connection is too strong.

3) Miami Wins a National Title within 3 years-Easiest bet on the board.

4) A major college coach leaves for a pro job this season-Happens every year, not such a bold prediction.

5) The BCS Bowls are going to stink-The system doesn't allow for only the best teams to make it.

6) More clock rule changes-Probably defensive changes that go along with them.

7) Tim Tebow wins another Heisman-If not this year, next year.

8) Bobby Bowden retires-It may be time.

9) Steve Spurrier packs it in-He doesn't have the same fire he used to.

10) Major probation at some major programs-Just seems a lot of teams dodging huge allegations.

Ten Games I'm Looking Forward to in Week 11

1) Oklahoma State at Texas Tech-The Big 12 game of the week is the game of the week, again.

2) TCU at Utah - This is can't miss football.

3) Alabama at LSU- the SEC feature game.

4) Penn State at Iowa- PSU's last test?

5) Cal at USC-Do the Bears show up this week?

6) Cincinnati at West Virginia- Big East playoff?

7) Michigan at Minnesota-We get to say "Little Brown Jug", does anyone care.

8) Tennessee-Martin at Auburn- How bad is the Auburn offense?, we'll find out.

9) Notre Dame at Boston College-This is a rivalry these days.

10) Northern Illinois at Ball State- Not a bad game for a Wednesday night.

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