MLB Ballparks: A Ranking of the Coolest Feature of Every Stadium in Baseball

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MLB Ballparks: A Ranking of the Coolest Feature of Every Stadium in Baseball
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This article ranks the coolest features of every MLB ballpark in ascending order, celebrating the iconic attributes that help give baseball's wide array of stadiums their unique identity.  For those who plan to skip the reading and get right into the list, I will warn in advance that not all of today's stadiums are very flattering to the game, and the first few slides aren't truly features at all...

...but as you read along, I believe you will be satisfied!

A plethora of remarkable new sports arenas have been financed in the past decade, and as antiquated structures fall to rubble, the new and improved works of art make attending events all the more enjoyable.  Baseball shares in this spirit of reinvention, and each season it has the opportunity to show off another of its breathtaking parks during the MLB All-Star Game. 

Certainly, fans have lost some iconic venues. Yankees Stadium was the most storied site in baseball, and while a new age of amenity and luxury driven sports economics demand change, many fans would have preferred to stay in the classic and aura-filled park.

Nevertheless, with few exceptions, the game is better for these vibrant new "24-karat" baseball diamonds.

Cookie-cutter multi-purpose stadiums are becoming the minority.  Gone are circular bowls of elliptical plainness, replaced by fan-friendly architecture that must be deemed works of art.

Yet, for all of the technological savvy and close-up viewing that go along with modern parks, the experience that will stay with fans means far less without that one distinct feature that makes every trip to an American baseball city unique. 

As an example, designers understood that new Yankees Stadium would be nothing without the lattice work that served as more than a mere gorgeous design.  It was the distinguishing characteristic of the classic Yankees Stadium, stamping all in its company with a nostalgia that will bring their minds back to that "first game."

Across town, Citi Field pays homage to the "apple" that was such a distinguishing characteristic of the Mets' old home, Shea Stadium.

From ivy fences to waterfalls, many of today's baseball stadiums offer wonderful distinguishing characteristics. 

With a playoff roster that is narrow, the All-Star Game represents a fine method with which to familiarize fans with these striking, portrait-worthy venues.

The following countdown is a list of the most memorable feature from every field in Major League Baseball.  Whether its scenery, interactive entertainment, traditions that occur amongst the fans, or a classic structure, here are the defining characteristics one could cherish forever after a trip to America's great ballparks. 

Additionally, the selections will be presented in ranking order in order to determine which venue has the single finest feature in all of baseball. 

Keep in mind that park features are not necessarily physical structures, including those literally attached to the arena.

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