Roy Jones Jr. Should Follow the Advice He Was Giving Paul Williams

Dean FentonCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2011

LAS VEGAS - APRIL 03:  Roy Jones Jr. has a  cut over his left eye tended to in his corner between rounds of his light heavyweight bout against Bernard Hopkins at the Mandalay Bay Events Center April 3, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hopkins won by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Saturday night, Paul Williams took a beating from Erislandy Lara.  HBO carried the fight, and Roy Jones Jr. was ringside providing commentary.

Like everyone other than the three judges, Jones watched Williams absorb blow after blow from Lara.  The most damaging shots were overhand lefts—the same punch Sergio Martinez used to knock Williams unconscious last November.

As the fight progressed and Williams continued to get tagged with shots, Roy Jones made clear his opinion that Williams was risking his future health by staying in the ring. 

At one point, he commented on "punches that take years off a man's life" after Lara landed another overhand left.

Roy, have you watched the KO punch that Lebedev landed on you?  Do you even remember the blows you have taken over the past couple of years? 

Go back and watch every fight you've had since Calzaghe in 2008 and tell us who should be retiring.

There is no question that Jones is right about Williams. Williams is not the fighter he was just a year ago, and if he continues to absorb punishment the way he has in his last two outings, it very well could affect his health down the road.

There is also no question that the same applies to Roy Jones Jr.  The beatings that he is taking in the ring at this point are likely to come back to haunt him down the road.

Roy, you are one of the best boxers any of us will see in our lifetime.  You are an intelligent man who understands the the long term risks that come with the beatings you are taking.  No amount of money is worth your future health.

Listen to your own advice, Roy.  Retire now before you are seriously hurt.