New Nets Needed: Time to Rebuild in East Rutherford

John MeadusCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2008

The New Jersey Nets just finished losing their 8th straight tonight to the Nuggets 100-85. 

Can somebody say meltdown? 

The problem with the Nets has never been their ability to but the ball in the basket, but stopping the other team from doing so.  In a game in which one of the Nuggets All-Stars, Carmelo Anthony, didn't even play, they still gave up 100 points.  This is the 4th consecutive game where the Nets have given up 100 points or more. 

Any time Linas Kleiza drops 23 on you, you have a problem.

This Nuggets loss comes after last night's embarrassment against the Golden State Warriors.  Monta Ellis?  Eliis dropped a career high 39 on the Nets' Swiss cheese defense.  The Warriors scored 22 straight points, most by Al Harrington (St. Patrick's High School in New Jersey), coming off of the bench and draining 3's.  As I was watching the game, I was watching the Nets leave Harrington wide open to kill them behind the arc and Baron Davis get only his 8th career triple-double. 

But the worst part was watching the 3rd quarter, as the Warriors started fouling Josh Boone every time the Nets got the ball.  What was that?  It was the 3rd quarter! Come on now, that was ridiculous.

So now what to do.  

I say its time to start over.  The Nets have some good young talent.  Josh Boone did score 21 points and grab 17 boards against the Warriors.  Sean Williams is averaging about 8 points and over 2 blocks a game.  Bostjan Nachbar is averaging 10 points a game, and I think Antoine Wright has the skill set to become a very solid NBA player.  When Wright plays at least 25 minutes, he is averaging over 10 points plus he is shooting around 50% from the field.

As much as I like Vince and Jason, I think it might be time for them to find a new home.  I was listening to Reggie Miller announce the game on TNT and he made a good point. There was a play where Vince should have taking the ball to the hole and slammed it, but instead he tried to dish it off.  

In that very building Vince Carter competed in the Dunk Contest and put his whole arm into the rim on a dunk. 

I just think Vince might have lost a step and his scoring average is getting lower every year.

Jason Kidd, on the other hand, I think wants out.  I think he has pretty much showed that he does not want to be there anymore.  There is just no fire left in this team and the captain of the team should take over and get these guys playing better.

I don't think that Coach Frank is the problem.  The Nets just seem to not play with any energy and, in the NBA, it is not the coach's job to get these guys up for every game. That is the job of a college coach, not a coach whose athlete are getting paid millions to perform. 

I just don't know if they are going to be able to get any kind of deal for Kidd or Carter that would be worth making considering theirsalaries and how teams just aren't going to want to give up that much.  Though trade talk for both of them has been high in the past, their court performance continues to diminish how much New Jersey might be able to get in return for either player.

It's time to rebuild the New Jersey Nets.  Obviously, this team isn't going to get the job done.