NBA Trade Scenarios: 3 Real Stars to Pair with Andre Iguodala

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJuly 12, 2011

NBA Trade Scenarios: 3 Real Stars to Pair with Andre Iguodala

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    Andre Iguodala is the center of news when it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers.

    But despite all of the talk, Iguodala remains confident and still believes he will be back in a Sixers uniform next season (if there is one).

    So, why don't we try and remain on the same page as him?

    I always felt, and still do feel, that Iguodala is an unappreciated character in Philly. I only believe they should trade him for the right price.

    But for today's sake, I wanted to propose ways in order to keep Iguodala and pair with a star. Therefore, in any case, he will do what he does best-- complement. 

    With another star with the Sixers, the duo would be lethal and be great around the young lineup. 

    Now, to be honest, these signings or trades are unlikely to happen. But in my fantasy world of trades, they do work out financially and just may have a slim chance down the road. 

Danny Granger

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    Sixers Get: Danny Granger and James Posey

    Pacers Get: Elton Brand and Evan Turner

    Now, as much as I love Evan Turner, I think I would do this deal. The main reason, of course, being pairing Granger with Iguodala and also getting rid of Brand's massive contract.

    The new lineup would feature Jrue Holiday, Danny Granger, Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes.

    That is pretty solid if you ask me. Sure, Hawes is not the answer at center, but that would be a problem to fix later on in the process.

    The real curve ball is whether or not the Pacers would do this trade. I mean, they do have a young player with a lot of potential in Paul George and they would team him up with Turner. Plus, they have a young center (Roy Hibbert) and point guard (Darren Collison).

    That team would easily be built for the next five years. 

Rudy Gay

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    Sixers Get: Rudy Gay

    Grizzlies Get: Evan Turner, Lou Williams and Marreese Speights

    Once again, I hate to put Turner in a trade scenario. Honestly, I believe he will become a star. But you need to give something to get something.

    Before I get into things, I know the Grizzlies came out and said they are not trading Gay, so this is highly unlikely to happen.

    Anyway, the Grizzlies had problems at the two guard last season, mainly around the inconsistency of O.J Mayo and that fact that Sam Young and Tony Allen are a liability on offense.

    Williams fixes their problem at the two and Turner is the real quality player they get in the deal. Speights is just there to make it work financially, plus he has an expiring contract.

    The Sixers obviously gain in this by acquiring Gay.

Sign Nene Hilario

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    Nene would be a great fit for the Sixers in my opinion.

    He is a free agent right now and I think the Sixers should do their best to make room for the center.

    Unfortunately, this would be extremely hard to do, considering they are not doing well financially and there is very little room to sign a free agent.

    However, if the right moves are made to make the deal happen, this is certainly possible. Obviously, it would involve getting rid of Brand's contract.

    Maybe I'm enjoying my fantasy world too much... 

The Reality

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    Alright, even after these crazy ideas, chances are none will happen. In fact, if anything happens, Iguodala will be the one traded whether you like it or not.

    The thing with the Sixers is that Brand has a huge contract and they are not in good financial shape and are a long way from acquiring someone through free agency.

    Turner and Jrue Holiday, on the other hand, are the only other players who will express interest besides Iguodala. However, I think Holiday is untouchable and Turner is close to it.

    Maybe Iguodala is traded. Maybe he's not. But at the end of the day, the Sixers must realize they need to make a move to bring them a step closer in the right direction. They must turn themselves around financially and as a team.