TNA Fans Need Another AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels Match

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJuly 11, 2011

Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles

After that brilliant match at Destination X last night, wrestling fans need another rematch between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

Considering the overall positive reaction to the match throughout the internet wrestling community, it just makes too much sense for TNA to do so.

Aside from the tremendous performances that these guys guarantee, the rematch needs to be done so that Christopher Daniels can finally win one. If you look at the history of AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels, you'll see that the Phenomenal One has been the victor in all of their big pay per view matches.

Daniels is a hell of a performer and deserves his big moments in the spotlight. Picking up a clean victory over someone as respected as Styles would be quite a notch to put on his belt. 

The storyline for a rematch appeared to have taken place after the main event of Destination X last night. Daniel was a bit hesitant to congratulate his friend on the victory. That could easily set up a rematch for the next show.

As of this moment, the TNA creative department is sitting around, trying to figure out how to sell the upcoming Hardcore Justice pay per view.

A good start would be to have Styles and Daniels working a match on the No. 2 or 3 slot on the show. Add a world title defense by Mr Anderson, and you have yourself the base of a good pay per view.