TNA Chose All of the Right Winners at Destination X

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJuly 11, 2011

Jerry Lynn
Jerry Lynn

Sometimes they can get things right.

When you look at the Destination X 2011 results, you'll find that the TNA creative department managed to choose the right guys to win each match. There's been a lot of instances where the company has lacked logic, but on Sunday night they got it right.

Some were upset that Samoa Joe lost, but it's part of an ongoing storyline to change up his character a bit.

Mark Haskin isn't well known, so Douglas Williams was the right choice.

I'm not a big fan of Eric Young, but he (and Shark Boy) had to win because he surprisingly has a fan base.

Alex Shelley deserves the spotlight, so he was the right choice.

While the others were impressive as well, Austin Aries is just too good not to win.

Brian Kendrick winning means that the storyline against Immortal is almost over, so that's a good choice.

Christopher Daniels deserves big moments, but you can't go wrong with AJ Styles winning the final match on a pay per view.

Sure, some of these picks can be debated (Generation Me and Samoa Joe fans can attest to that), but in the big picture, these were all the right choices.