UFC's Carlos Condit: 'It Would Be Easier for Me to Fight Nick Diaz'

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2011

After securing an impressive win over Dong-Hyun Kim at UFC 132, Carlos Condit is pretty confident that he has done all that he can in order to earn a shot at the UFC welterweight title.

"The Natural Born Killer" has been nothing short of dominating since he arrived in the UFC and he would like the opportunity to prove his worth as a contender in the welterweight division, in fact he would take the opportunity as soon as possible.

“I’ll tell you this, I’m staying in shape, I’m going to be ready in case," Condit said during an interview on MMAWeeklyRadio.

"You never know. Somebody could get hurt, you get that call, so I’m going to be back in the gym ASAP."

Condit's teammate Georges St-Pierre will defend the welterweight crown against Nick Diaz at UFC 137 in October. Diaz, who will vacate the Strikeforce welterweight title in order to face the champion, was acquired by the UFC after the company bought out rival organization Strikeforce. 

Condit is aware of how the competition he has in front of him while challenging for the title, and while he'll be cheering for St-Pierre, he would prefer a fight with Diaz instead.

"It would be easier for me to fight (Nick) Diaz just because of the whole team dynamic. I hope Georges (wins), he retains his title, but I’d rather fight Diaz so it’s kind of a tricky thing,” he said.

Condit has not sat down with his training camp and coaches to discuss what's next, but he has already said he would not turn down a fight to face St-Pierre. Of course, there are a lot of implications regarding a potential bout between the two teammates, however Condit has not decided, nor has the UFC decided what lies ahead in the near future.

Regardless, Condit plans to stick with the same outlook: compete for the title or remain active.