MLB WAGs You'd Like to See on the Beach

Greg Pinto@@Greg_PintoCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2011

MLB WAGs You'd Like to See on the Beach

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    Baseball's All-Star break signals a few things. Most notably, the first half of the regular season is over. Now you can start checking the standings with some meaning, because with half a season in the books, it may be do or die time for your favorite team.

    This year, your favorite players and greatest athletes in the game are traveling to Phoenix, Arizona for the 82nd installment of the mid-summer classic, but not before Prince Fielder and David Ortiz put their reputations on the line, captaining a team of sluggers to represent their respective leagues in the Home Run Derby.

    The All-Star break signals a lot more than that, however. Held in the middle of July each season, it means that summer is in full swing, and for baseball players and their families, it's a few days to take it easy after the grind of the first half. What is one of the best places to enjoy a vacation?

    The beach.

    We know the story by now. Baseball players in this day and age are celebrities, and for a few of the guys, that celebrity status helps them reel in the biggest fish of the proverbial sea, or should I say, the most beautiful. As much as we love our favorite players, we can't help but admire their trophy wives (and / or girlfriends.) Hey, it's just human nature. 

    So while the best of the best are slugging it out in Arizona, let's take a minute to admire the best of the best in the WAG's division. With summer in full swing, which WAGs would you most like to see soaking up some sun at the beach?

    Well, here's my list.

17. Misty May-Treanor

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    Misty May-Treanor made a name for herself in the sand, no pun intended. She is widely regarded as the greatest female to ever play volleyball, and is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, as well as a three time World Volleyball Champion. In fact, I think the only thing she hasn't one a trophy for is her husband. (Zing!)

    In all seriousness, who wouldn't want to see May-Treanor in her natural habitat? Every time I think of her, the only place I can actually picture her is either playing volleyball or taking a stroll on the sand. Now that she's in the best shape of her life, I don't I'd mind running into her.

16. Minka Kelly

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    So after collecting his 3,000th this past weekend, there are apparently more than a few people that aren't happy that Derek Jeter won't be in Arizona in support of the All-Star Game this weekend. I, however, am not one of them. After being voted in (wrongfully) by the fans, Jeter bowed out saying that he was still recovering from an injury.

    The excuse wasn't well thought out, since he looked perfectly healthy going 5-for-5 on the same day that he notched hit number 3,000. That said, he'll be spending some quality time with Minka Kelly, and how can we hate on him for wanting to hit the beach with her?

15. Krystle Campbell

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    Finding a sexy girlfriend seems to be the one thing that Ryan Howard hasn't struck out on this season. (Zing!) Krystle Campbell is a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, where Howard spends most of his Sundays when the Phillies aren't playing. She's much more than a cheerleader though, as she also teaches second grade and calls that her true career.

    Hopefully, Campbell and her soon-to-be husband spend some time at the Jersey Shore this summer.

14. Marikym Hervieux

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    Marikym Hervieux is one of the least publicized WAG's to make this list, but the world should probably know more about her. She is currently dating New York Yankees' catcher Russel Martin, and the two seem pretty committed to each other.

    As an actress trying to climb her way up the ladder, she's made appearances on a couple of popular television series, such as Entourage. Hopefully, she'll land a few more scenes where we get to see her playing volleyball on the beach, like the photo on the left.

13. Audrey Kingsbery

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    Jensen Lewis was released by the Cleveland Indians earlier in the season. Hopefully, his release doesn't give his girlfriend, Audrey Kingsbery, any ideas about letting him go. It's bad enough to get dumped by the franchise that drafted you, but your girlfriend too? Ouch.

    At the very least, now that he's a free agent, Jensen and Kingsbery could spend some quality time somewhere on the beach—or he could try to stay in shape so that another team will offer him a contract. Either or is okay, I suppose.

12. Laura Posada

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    Laura Posada is kind of like the "Queen of the WAG's." She is easily one of the most popular, talked about WAG's around the sport of baseball, and she's transformed herself from Jorge Posada's arm candy to one of the most intelligent, beautiful, built women around the game. I don't think we'd mind seeing her peruse the beaches of New York this summer. Wouldn't mind at all.

11. Heidi Hamels

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    Heidi Hamels is no stranger to spending time on the beach and looking good doing it. She was a contestant on the popular reality TV series Survivor, where she traded something... Well, intangible for something to eat. Nonetheless, her successful stint on the show spawned a successful shoot for Playboy, which leaves us wanting to see Heidi on the beach more often.

10. Karina Smirnoff

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    Long before she was dating current Detroit Tigers' starting pitcher Brad Penny, Karina Smirnoff was known for two things: dancing and frolicking on the beach with Mario Lopez. Of course, one could argue that the two were just bonding, as they were both featured on Dancing With the Stars, but I think we know better than that.

    Who am I to complain though? Her relationship with Penny successfully qualifies her as a WAG, and I'd be lying if I told you she's not someone I'd like to come across on the beach this summer.


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9. Michelle Damon

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    Michelle Damon had to be excited about her husband wanting to play in Tampa Bay, right? I mean, the fans may not be all that supportive of their team, but the Rays have been competitive over the last couple of years, and they're playing in a beautiful city in St. Petersburg, Florida, right outside of Tampa Bay.

    While her husband is busy collecting base hits in the AL East, Michelle can spend some time on the beach, shopping, or whatever. Hopefully, the beach is one of her favorite leisurely activities.


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8. Terrie B

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    I may be cheating a bit here, since there are rumors that Terrie B and Hunter Pence are no longer seeing each other, but since I can't confirm or deny said rumors, and it would be a huge shame for me to leave her off of this list, I think I'll take the safe route and add Terrie B here.

    Even if she's not dating Pence anymore (which isn't exactly a bad thing, right?), she's still the type of girl that I'd like to see soaking up some sun on the beach. Beach goer by day, bar tender by night. Terrie B.

7. Emily Kuchar

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    If Zach Greinke's got anything going for him, it's Emily Kuchar. After the whole debacle of not wanting to play with the New York Yankees, he goes there for inter-league play and gets shelled. To make matters worse, the team he did end up going to, the Milwaukee Brewers, are sliding out of first place and down the NL Central standings.

    I'm sure the refresher that Greinke needs is the same as all of us—a quick vacation to an exotic beach somewhere, where he can spend some time with his bombshell wife.

6. Diana Roberts

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    If there's anyone who really doesn't need a vacation from baseball, it's probably Brian Roberts. The Baltimore Orioles' second baseman has played just 39 games this season, and under 100 games the last two seasons combined, rehabbing from injury. If I had a guess, he just wants to get back on the field.

    His wife Diana, on the other hand, is a girl that we'd love to see take a vacation. Over the last few years, she has become one of the game's most recognizable WAG's, and should be pretty easy to spot out soaking up some rays on the beach.

5. Lauren Anderson

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    Reid Brignac hasn't quite developed to his full potential at the Major League level for the Tampa Bay Rays, but off the field, his potential for snagging hot women is like, a million to one. He's currently dating Playboy Playmate Lauren Anderson, and while I'm quite curious to know what it's like to date a Playboy model, I'll settle for hoping to see her on the beach sometime this summer.

4. Rima Fakih

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    Rima Fakih has become a household name over the last couple of months, after starring on WWE's reality show, Tough Enough. In the end, she wasn't really "tough enough," but does it really matter? She won the Miss USA competition, cementing her claim as one of the most beautiful, talented women in the United States of America. She'd own any beach she stepped foot on.

    Oh yeah. She is also dating Toronto Blue Jays' pitcher, Ricky Romero.

3. Dominique Piek

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    CJ Wilson is one lucky son of a gun. He is a former reliever for the Texas Rangers, who once moved to the starting rotation, became one of the best left handed starters in baseball. Now, primed for free agency following the season, he's set to become one of the most attractive pitching options in a weak market.

    He's also been quite lucky off the field, landing a super hot girlfriend in model Dominique Piek. She was recently featured in Sports Illustrated's annual swim-suit addition, which means one thing—she was made to be on the beach.

2. Jennie Finch

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    I'm going to be honest with you. Remember those crushes you used to get in middle school on the pretty, popular girl? Well, I sort of still have a crush on Jennie Finch. I mean, is she not the perfect woman? Beautiful, passionate, and the greatest softball player of all time. The only mistake she's made in life was marrying Casey Daigle! (Zing!)

    One thing is certain—I think we can all look forward to seeing Finch on the beach this summer.

1. Lisa Dergan

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    I can think of a ton of Playboy Playmates that I'd love to see on the beach, but the great thing about Lisa Dergan is that she actually qualifies for this list. She is married to current Philadelphia Phillies' minor leaguer, Scott Podsednik, and while her husband may not be Major League quality, she surely is.

    Hopefully, she'll spend some quality relaxation time with her husband this summer, and we'll be able to catch them soaking up some sun just a few hours from the Phillies' minor league systems down at the Jersey Shore.