The Eyes Of Fans Are Apon You! Bad Officiating In The UT Tech Game?

Sooner03Contributor INovember 1, 2008


That.... Just..... Happened!  Flashback of OU Texas....only this time the Ref actually threw a flag for what seemed like an obvious block in the back.....then had the gall to make a "sorry flag".  Here Texas...take the six points and the if you need any help from the Refs.  

Can anyone who watched this game truly believe some of the calls that changed this game?  This game should have been put out of reach early in the Fourth.  Texas...bless their hearts, came back as they always do in the second half.....unfortunately 'with a little help from their friends'.  First and Goal on the 10 for Tech for the out of reach TD they need.........Offensive pass interference?  Really?  Wow!?!  Look the Horns should have won......come on...the lead with 1:30 to go....enemy deep in its own territory....D needed someone to step up.  If they had won....I believe Tech fans would have Raided the Refs locker room after the game.  Or, maybe, they would have accepted what they deemed a normal game vs a instate poster program ....which includes the calls going to against them.  I wish Herbstreit or Musburger would have shown a little outrage.    

That said…great game!