Daily Haze: Notable Free Agent Quarterbacks

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Daily Haze: Notable Free Agent Quarterbacks

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Editor’s note: Remember to submit your best fantasy football team name into our July 2011 contest. Winners get Mardi Gras prize-packs!

When the NFL lockout ends — hoping this week — chaos begins.

Remember that there has been no free agency yet this league year? Well, that is going to have to happen before training camps start at the end of this month.

Not much time to get this stuff done. Which means there is going to be a feeding frenzy for available players.

Who all those players are still is a little bit of a mystery. The new CBA will dictate which players are free agents and which are not, so this list may not be accurate by the time the signing period rolls around.

First we broke down a few notable running back free agents. Then, wide receivers. And now, the quarterbacks.

Matt Hasselbeck

The injuries and his age are catching up to Hasselbeck. But, as evidenced in leading the Seahawks to a shocking first-round win against New Orleans in the playoffs last year, there still is some spark left in that arm.

Landing spot: Tennessee sounds interested. Hasselbeck would be a good fit as a one-year mentor for rookie Jake Locker.

Tarvaris Jackson

The former future-quarterback of Minnesota and so-called-next-Michael-Vick finds himself without team. Nothing more than a backup at this point, he does not figure to have much impact in the fantasy game barring injury to a starter.

Landing spot: Your guess is as good as mine. Back in Minnesota, perhaps? Doubtful, even though the Vikings would have to start Christian Ponder day one right now.

Donovan McNabb

Not a free agent, but likely to be cut by the Redskins before the start of training camp. It does not look promising for McNabb to play another season in Washington. Good trade after all, Andy Reid.

Landing spot: Minnesota. Vikings needs a veteran QB to keep the pressure off Ponder and allow him to grow into the starting role. McNabb gives the Vikes a(nother) aging veteran quarterback who could make them a contender in the NFC.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • I fell in love with Matthew Stafford as a starting fantasy quarterback last year, and it would have paid off had he not gotten hurt (again). Disappointing, but not mad at Stafford, who has the opportunity to be one of the biggest surprises of the 2011 season. Plenty of weapons on that offense now, including the addition of former Boise State wide receiver Titus Young. [Fantasy Douche]
  • Most fantasy rankings have Michael Vick among the top-5 heading into the season. Not a fan of those rankings one bit, but there is good news for owners like me — it means I won’t have to worry about drafting him. These quarterback rankings have Vick at No. 8. [Fantasy Knucklheads]
  • After a breakout campaign in 2010, Arian Foster sits atop most running back rankings at this point. There are a lot of reasons to like Foster, and a few things to be wary of — namely the fact that it will be impossible to replicate his special 2010 season. Don’t draft him expecting that again! [National Football Post]

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