Penn State: No. 2?

Steven SwansonContributor INovember 1, 2008

No. 1 Texas lost to No. 7 Texas Tech 39-33. This was every Penn State fan's hopes and dreams-that the number one team in the nation, Texas, would eventually lose before the season was up so that PSU would move up to the number two spot.

But there is a dilemma. Earlier in the season, No. 2 Alabama was on a BYE week. This was the same weekend that, at the time, No. 5 Texas upset No. 1 Oklahoma. Now, logically you would think, "Well, since Oklahoma lost, Alabama should move up to number one."

But that wasn't the case. Alabama remained number two, and Texas jumped them in the rankings. Could that happen again?

Penn State currently sits at number three. This weekend, No. 4 Oklahoma had an impressive win over Nebraska, 62-28. Now, my thoughts are, could what happened to Alabama earlier in the season, happen to Penn State?

As a Penn State fan, I hope that this does not happen. But it very well could. But then again, Oklahoma is a one-loss team.

So what will happen to Penn State? Will they move to the number two spot, or will they remain number three?

I would like some insight on this topic. This has got me really confused. I would love to see Penn State move to number two. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see until tomorrow.