Martin Brodeur Gets Hurt...You Knew This Was Coming

JerseySenior Analyst INovember 1, 2008

Brian Rolston.

Bobby Holik.

Jamie Langenbrunner.

Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond.

Andy Greene.

And now, Martin Brodeur.

That marks the sixth—SIXTH—New Jersey Devil to get injured in a mere 10 games.

Supposedly, it's only an elbow bruise and nothing more serious, but we'll see if that news changes in the coming days. For now, Brodeur's status is unknown. This latest injury is the most devastating, especially on the heels of injuries to the Devils' hopeful top scorer, best checker, captain (who is back, but still), rookie, and red-hot defenseman. The Devils have still looked very good despite the injuries, but this is very frustrating.

For now, Kevin Weekes will start, and he didn't look too bad filling in tonight. Then again, he played against a weak Thrashers team that was already down 3-0 and was down 6-0 not much after his appearance on the ice. We'll see how good he looks against Buffalo on Monday.