British Open 2011: 10 Reasons Rory McIlroy Will Put on a Masterful Performance

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2011

British Open 2011: 10 Reasons Rory McIlroy Will Put on a Masterful Performance

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    Rory McIlroy is fresh off one of the most dominating performances in US Open history and is looking to continue his prominence in the golf world with a win at the British Open this weekend at Royal St. George's.

    McIlroy won the US Open by eight strokes with a score of 16-under (-par) which is currently the record for that event.

    McIlroy's performance took the golf world by surprise, but it won't end there.

    Here are 10 reasons he'll put on a masterful performance at the British Open.


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    McIlroy is riding some serious momentum coming into the British Open. 

    He hasn't played since the Open and has just been focusing on winning this huge tournament to make it two majors in a row.

    Yes, with the huge momentum he has going right now, he could very well steam roll the field once again. 

His Backyard

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    If you had this in your backyard, you would be pretty dang good at golf yourself.

    Just imagine letting your dog out and saying, "Buster, if you go on my green or in my bunker again, you are going to be in trouble!"

Tough Course

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    The Open this season is going to set up perfectly for McIlroy. Unlike when it is played at St. Andrews, the course this year is not set up for scoring.

    He will be able to use that scrappy edge that he found at the US Open and translate it to greatness at the Open Championship. 

Hump Off His Back

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    Like all of the young guns on tour, McIlroy had that giant hump on his back to win an event and a major. Now that he has that off his chest, it's time for him to make a statement and show he is for real.

    Remember, McIlroy not only played well in the US Open but played well at Augusta until his last nine holes. 

No Tiger

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    Tiger plays a huge part of the game of golf, even when he is not around.

    Having Tiger not playing in the Open should really help McIlroy. He will be able to just focus on himself, rather than the rest of the field.

Course Sets Up Well

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    The course this season is set up extremely well for McIlroy. Although he is a very long hitter, he is very accurate as well which will help him a lot.

    This season it seems as thought the course will be in favor of McIlroy. 

Close to Home

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    McIlroy will be close to home in this tournament which should be an advantage. Unlike the American players whose time will be thrown off, McIlroy should be fresh and ready to go.

    Being so close to the golf course is going to help him a lot this week. 

Tiger Is Falling

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    Tiger is now on the decent from the top of golf, and this should as well help McIlroy. 

    Someone needs to step up and take over the thrown as the king of the golf world, and McIlroy might just be the one to take over the thrown.

Led Last Year

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    Although the headlines last seasons were on John Daily during The Open, Rory led in the first round.

    He fired a 63 and has always played well near home. Look for Rory to do extremely well and finish the deal this season. 


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    McIlroy has one of the best swings since the early 2000s Tiger Woods.  The way he hit the ball at the US Open was almost magical.

    If he can continue to swing like he did there, it will be lights out.