NHL Previews: 5 Jersey Suggestions for the New-Look Winnipeg Jets

Ryan FinesContributor IIJuly 11, 2011

NHL Previews: 5 Jersey Suggestions for the New-Look Winnipeg Jets

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    When the NHL board of governors unanimously voted to allow the sale and relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg, it seems as though every other hockey fan reached into their closet and busted out their old Jets gear.

    Jerseys, hats and T-shirts sporting the old Jets blue and red started popping up all over the place, and hockey nostalgia was in full swing before it was even confirmed that the team was going to be called the Jets.

    When Winnipeg was without jerseys for their draftees on draft night, a buzz of speculation began, wondering what the new Jets will look like. 

    Are they going to sport their old colors? What will the logo look like? Will the Jets find inspiration from their past, or will they look to the future with something new?

    There are so many opportunities, especially with a great team name like the Jets, so here are a few ideas as to what the Jets uniforms may look like in their first season back in the NHL.

Keep the Atlanta Thrashers Color Scheme

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    Though it seems likely that the Thrashers uniforms will be trashed for good, stranger things have happened.

    While the navy blue, burgundy, yellow and white worked out well for the Thrashers while on the road, both their home and alternate jerseys were atrocious.

    First of all, the baby blue jersey with one dark blue sleeve was a weird concept that was cool at first, but then got boring after a while.

    But that red alternate jersey never really caught on, and it doesn't seem likely that the Jets would throw yellow into the mix. But then again, with the right design you can make just about anything work.

    It's not out of the question, but it seems like this bird is going extinct.

    Odds of Jets using this style: 100:1

Adopt a Manitoba Moose Theme

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    Before True North Sports and Entertainment chairman Mark Chipman announced that the Winnipeg team would bring the Jets name back to the NHL, he actually thought of naming his new team the Moose.

    Chipman had been building the Moose name for 15 years in the AHL, and the Jets bounced the Moose from their home to make way for the NHL.

    The Moose have since been relocated to St. John's, Newfoundland, but wouldn't it be interesting if Chipman decided to keep the spirit of the Moose alive through the uniforms of the Jets.

    Could you imagine a redesigned Jets uniform, colored with black, turquoise and brown?

    Odds of Jets using this style: 30:1

A New Twist on the Old Jets Uniforms

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    Maybe the Jets will adopt a look similar to that of the OHL's Windsor Spitfires.

    Vertical stripes, piping along the arms, and colored sections under the arms are more prevalent in the NHL with the new Reebok jerseys, so if the Jets do receive a new design it could very well end up looking something like the Spitfires uniforms.

    The blue is a little darker, which gives a slightly more updated feel compared to the royal blue of the Jets of old. Windsor's logo is a little bit childish, but surely the Jets already has something else in mind.

    With a new and improved crest , or even with the old logo, this style of uniform would showcase the Jets in style.

     Odds of Jets using this style: 20:1

Something Entirely New

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    Maybe the Jets brass will pull a fast one on everybody and create something entirely new.

    There are a lot of classic looks that can be successfully accomplished with a hockey uniform serving as the artistic palette.

    Something simple like maroon and white like the Peterborough Petes has a timeless and simple appeal to it. Think of how popular the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms are, sporting only two colors.

    There are also a lot of interesting and daring directions the Jets could go, perhaps finding inspiration in a black and blue uniform like that of the Kootenay Ice.

    Maybe they will try something original and wear gray uniforms, trimmed with blue and red. Call it a hunch, but the Jets may have something new in store when the uniforms are finally released.

    Odds of the Jets trying something new: 10:1

Stick with the Old Style

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    Who doesn't love these uniforms?

    With retro logos fashionable these days and a classic hockey sweater design, the old Jets uniforms could jump right back into the NHL and be among the sharpest in the league.

    The only problem with rehashing the old designs is that as a new franchise, the Jets are going to want to show that they can make money and be valuable to the league. One way that they will accomplish this is through merchandise sales, and if they change their jerseys and their logo, Jets fans will flock to buy the new gear because they are still riding the high of returning to the NHL.

    Since most Jets fans already have the retro jerseys, shirts and hats it seems like this may not be the direction that True North Sports and Entertainment will go for the new uniforms.

    Regardless, the retro uniforms still carry mass appeal and would look great on the ice in 2011-12.

    Odds of the Jets using this style: 5:1