Gisele as well: A day in the life of Tom Brady

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2008

You may wake up some day in the morning and wonder: What would it be like to be Tom Brady right now.

Well I have your answer.

You wake up around 7:30 a.m. You look beside you and remember that you are dating Gisele Bundchen. So you say good morning. Then you walk into your apartment kitchen, and slice your self a nice warm piece of Coach Belichick's humble pie.

You open up the sports section of the Boston Globe, flip to the football section and admire your stats for a quick moment.

Now, it's time to raise some paparazzi hell. You go look in your old storage closet and find a plastic medical boot that you used once when you were injured in college.

You then, at that moment, decide that you have hurt your left ankle. You choose to wear this out, not thinking what Patriots fans will think of this. Then you call Gisele in and tell her that she's coming on a walk with you.

You walk out. Then go outside.

All of a sudden a bunch of photographers come running toward you flashing film at your mysterious medical boot. You get so bothered that you decide to go back home. By then, it's time for practice.

You hop in the Porsche and drive on down to Foxboro and park inside Gillette Stadium. You walk into the locker room, and every one of your teammates is just looking at you blankly. You know why they are staring. They saw the pictures of the boot.

Which brings us to our main point. Being Tom Brady might be fun, but pulling off the scandals that Mr. Brady does, might be near impossible.