Packers-Titans: Five Reasons Green Bay Will Lose

Don ZakCorrespondent INovember 1, 2008

This week's game is a critical test for both the Packers and Titans. Which team is more equipped to place another number in the W column? Below is my pessimistic view of the Packers' chances in tomorrow's game.


5. The Titans Will Force the Packers to Respect the Run

The Titans are ranked fourth in rushing by averaging 145 yards per game. Johnson has a 5.1 average while White has scored 10 TDs. The Packers defense will need to dedicate an eighth man, and even though it gets Montgomery, Harrell, and Hunter back, their play still seems to be unproven.


4. The Packers' Offense Is Going to Be One-Dimensional

In the three losses this year, Ryan Grant ran for 54, 20, and 83 yards. These season lows contrast to the 92, 20, 90, and 105 yards when the Packers won.


3. Aaron Rodgers Will Have to Play from Behind

When the Packers are down by more than three points, Green Bay is zero and three. Coach Mike McCarthy doesn’t want to put Rodgers into dangerous situations, so it has been impossible to come from behind to win. 


2. The Defense Has to Control the Game

The Titans allow the fewest points in the NFL with 14.5 per week and rank in the top 10 in all defensive categories. While Green Bay is the fourth best scoring team, it will have to be effective in the air and on the ground.

Additionally, the Titans are second in the league with 12 interceptions and Kyle Vanden Bosch, who is dangerous with three forced fumbles and three sacks, is returning to the lineup.


1. Jeff Fisher Will Outcoach the Packers

It seems that at least once a year the Packers look adolescent, like the Premontre Cadets JV team, and are routinely out of position on the field. This year, it seemed like the Cowbells knew exactly what was coming from McCarthy's play calling. Last year the Bears did it to us twice.

I think this week Fisher will show McCarthy new formations and looks they haven’t strategized or prepared for.