Rangers-Leafs: 1st Period Analysis

Scott SnyderContributor INovember 1, 2008

Well, it's 1-0 Rangers over the Maple Leafs on Ryan Callahan's 4th of the year.  Give the assists to Dan Girardi and Nigel "where have my hands gone?" Dawes.

Safe to say, the Rangers survived a period in which they took some bad penalties. Three to be exact.  If the ref's don't put their whistles away in the second, it will be tough for either team to get into a good flow.

Valiquette looked solid yet again, and the ten shots by Toronto got him into the game. 

Nice play by the corps penalty killers, yet again.  This Rangers team has only given up one goal on the powerplay on the road this year.

The Leafs are playing with some grit so far in the contest, notably from their D and Jamal Mayers and certainly do not seem like the team they were projected to be.

It's funny, Sean Avery is a guy you only like when he's on your team, and Ryan Hollweg is someone you like when he's on the other team.

More after the second....Rangers up 1-0 over the Maple Leafs.