The Sooners This Week- Oklahoma Vs Nebraska

Cameron HagerCorrespondent INovember 1, 2008

This week, the # 5 Sooners take on their rival the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Oklahoma has been impressive for the past few weeks besides the loss to #1 Texas.

The Story So Far-

Oklahoma came in from their loss to Texas to defeat the #16 Kansas team in a hard battle but ultimately having the Sooners winning 45-31. The next week was an offensive battle as the Sooners faced of at Kansas State with the Sooners coming out on top 58-35.

Oklahoma still remains in the top 10 as a positive but still they did lose to their most important opponent Texas. The Sooners still remain in top form to face Texas for the Big 12 Championship.

This week-

 The Cornhuskers are still unranked but can put up a fight. The Sooners defence hasn't been strong as I predicted it too be but as long as their offence plays the way they have been they should be fine. The Sooners can most likely come out with a victory in this but with an offensive battle like last week, the defence better bring their A game. If the defence does bring their A game then give the Sooners the win and keep the Sooners in the number 5 spot.

Next Week-

The Sooners take on unranked Texas A&M. Sooners should come out on top that week but look for my preview of that game next week.

The Fanatic is done here but come back for my review of this week's game and stay tuned for next week's preview.