20 Royally Insane Sports Hats

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIJuly 9, 2011

20 Royally Insane Sports Hats

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    Fresh from their ten day tour of Canada, Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton have descended upon the Colonies for a weekend visit.

    Now, as cool as it is to have the next King of England in your backyard, my guess is, a majority of the eyes, for obvious reasons, will be focused on Kate.

    Since her nuptials, the Duchess of Cambridge has become famous for her distinctive choice of hats.

    Perhaps while in America she will get some inspiration from sports fans that are known for their display of headgear that ranges from the weird to downright unbelievable.

    Here are 20 sports hats that will definitely turn a few heads.

Puck Head

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    Nothing screams fashion than a hat made from 100 percent, simulated, vulcanized rubber.

Patriotic Hat

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    Some fans use their hats to show their patriotism.

Cheese Head

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    The traditional Cheese Head hat for the Green Bay Packer faithful.

Oregon Ducks Hat

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    Go Ducks!

Off to the Races

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    At the Kentucky Derby, even the old mares are getting into the hat spirit.

Yankee Fans

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    There are fans that wear headgear to show how they feel their team is performing.

Beer Helmet

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    The good old beer helmet.  Popular with all kind of fans.


Beer Helmet for the Players

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    First the fans, now a beer helmet for players.  Keeping hydrated on the field is very important.


Soccer Head

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    Not sure if she’s upset because her team is losing or that she finally realizes that she has half a deflated soccer ball on her head.

Detroit Lions Fan

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    Nice creative look from a Detroit Lion’s fan.

Horse Head

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    Checkout this woman’s lid.  This hat can also be worn to any screening of “The Godfather.”

Female Fans

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    Not just for guys, female sports fan are not afraid to show their colors via their head apparel.


Tennis Tandem

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    Two balls are always better than one.

Raising a Little Hell

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    Again, not technically a hat, but you still have to give him props for using his skull as a pincushion.

Raider Nation

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    The Raider Nation are always on the cutting edge of fan fashion.

Dog Days

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    No one said sports hats had to be just for the two-legged fan.

Gender Bender Viking

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    This one leaves me speechless.

Holiday Hat

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    There are sports fans that use their hats to celebrate the holiday season.

Painted Head

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    Some fans skip the hat entirely and decide to work with their skull instead.

Kabuki Look

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    Soccer fans going for that whole Kabuki look.