How do I help support Recruiting-101? And how do I get a subject written about?

Recruiting 101Correspondent INovember 1, 2008

One question that I have received from time to time via email is how do I support the Recruiting-101 website?  Although this is a free site overall, it is always nice to bring in a few dollars to be able to handle the website costs and time involved for writing daily articles.  Here are a few ways that you can help out so that this site can continue to be free to help support athletes and families during the athletic recruiting process:

  • Support the Sponsors - Whether it is, ads from Google, or things of that nature, please support the sponsor during your time on the site.  Yes, everyone wants to read the articles but there are some interesting advertiser who play a big role in the site.
  • Buy an E-Book - So far, I have only had the time to write one e-book entitled Recruiting-101’s Position-by-Position Football Recruiting Advice.  This e-book is currently on sale for only $5.00 and breaks down each position on the football field and gives advice for the recruiting process, making a highlight-video, and much more.  With such a low price tag, consider purchasing this today.  There are also plans for more e-books in the future regarding highlight videos and basketball recruiting advice but I have not had the time as of yet.
  • Support our affiliate programs - There are affiliate programs currently setup with BeRecruited and  If you sign up for a free profile with, then that will help this site.  You do have to complete the free registration for this to happen.  Yes, they will charge you for certain aspects of the site but signing up for a free account will help this site and you won’t be charged.  If you are going to purchase anything from, click this link and then do your shopping.  Every little bit counts for this site!
  • Become an Email Subscriber - With nearly 200 email subscribers, the more we have, the better!  You can click here to subscribe via email.
  • Tell your friends and help spread the word - Do you know other athletes are families that are going through the athletic recruiting process?  Please let them know about this site and make sure they visit.  The more people that this site can help, the better!  Also, feel free to spread the word in emails and on message boards.

Anyway that you can support the site is greatly appreciated.  I just wanted to let users know that if there is any articles that you want to see, please let me know so I can at least look into it.  It doesn’t mean I will write every article requested but commenting as to what you want to see on the site will be a great step in the right direction for this.