Happy Halloween Fantasy Racers

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer IOctober 31, 2008

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With three races to go in the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, I’m wondering if any of you fantasy racing fans are starting to get early withdrawl simptoms.

Since becoming involved with the Fantasy Players Network, OnPitRow.com has paid more attention to NASCAR fantasy gaming than we ever did before. These special, daily posts centered on the Chase to the Sprint Cup are part of that increased focus. We hope you’ve enjoyed and gotten some value from them.

The writers involved - Matt Mercer, Chris Leone and Luke Poland along with  Steve and I have put a lot of time and thought into the content. Personally, I feel priveledged to be part of it. These guys are good.

I also want to thank Darren of One Bad Wheel for giving ON PIT ROW the opportunity to be a partial sponsor for his great Champs, Chumps and Sleepers game. It’s a great game and I continue to absolutely suck at it. But so does Steve, so we at least have a bragging rights battle between the two of us - kind of a Fast Lap for fantasy racing picks.

So keep that all in mind if you consider paying any serious attention to the NASCAR fantasy racing winners that either of us suggest. If you are thinking of doing any actual NASCAR betting you may be better served by finding actual NASCAR odds at a service that is involved in online wagering or something. We, most assuredly, are not.

Thanks for reading our Fantasy NASCAR thoughts here at OnPitRow.com and at the Bench Racing with Steve and Charlie blog. And here’s a tip; check out Scott Engle’s race previews at RotoExperts.com.

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