Booking a Match For Survivor Series

Lamar BoltonContributor INovember 1, 2008

With the resurgence of the tag team division in the WWE, I had a thought about the upcoming PPV Survivor series.

I don't know how many actual Survivor series matches they plan on having that night, but since they have thoughts of having a second generation stable have been around a bit, why not have the SmackDown champs, the Colon Brothers, team up with the former Raw Champs, Rhodes and Dibiase? Then they would take on the new RAW champs, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston and the Miz and John Morrison.

This would expand the idea of a second generation stable to SmackDown and you could have a lot more interaction between the shows. You could have  some of the newer guys who aren't second generation band together because they are tired of those guys thinking a name only gets you to the main event card.

All I have read over the past few months is how bad the ratings are on the shows well this would be the ideal storyline that you could run through the week. On all of the shows and keep the people following it to each night. Any way, I'm glad to see that the tag teams are getting their time on TV again, it been a long time coming

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