Daily Haze: Best Fantasy Team Names, Free Agents and Twitter Mailbag

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Daily Haze: Best Fantasy Team Names, Free Agents and Twitter Mailbag

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Editor’s note: Remember to submit your best fantasy football team name into our July contest. Winners get Mardi Gras prize-packs!

Our first week back to a full schedule for the 2011 fantasy football season got off to a good start with the beginning of our annual best fantasy football team name contest (link above). Two submissions so far and the rest of the month to come up with your best fantasy football team name, so plenty of time to enter the contest.

Other than that we dove into free agency (notable free agent running backs and wide receivers) and Bryan told you what to bet on with no football on the immediate horizon.

Starting a new feature today: Every Thursday we will open our Twitter floor for your fantasy football questions and pick a few to answer in Friday’s Daily Haze. Here are today’s Q&As:

What mid-range RB (15-25) has the best chance of jumping into the top 5 this year like Foster/Charles from last year?

Jonathan Stewart. Currently being drafted as the No. 21 running back, Stewart has a clear path to the starting job in Carolina for the first time since landing there. The only thing stopping him from having a top-10 fantasy season is injury.

Which top 10 RB is this year’s bust?
Jamaal Charles (ADP 4) is going too high for my liking, but that does not mean he will bust. Of the top-10 backs according to ADP, I think the last three in are the best candidates: Maurice Jones-Drew, Darren McFadden and Michael Turner. MJD has a bad knee, McFadden has to prove last year was not a fluke and Turner could be wearing down. If you held a gun to my head, I would say McFadden.

Thanks for the questions! Here are today’s great reads:

  • Target analysis from the 2010 NFL season. This data should be a good starting point when researching wide receivers for 2011. [National Football Post]
  • If you are looking for some mid-round running back rankings … [Fantasy Knuckleheads]
  • New site I just added to my Google Reader, should get some good reads out of it this year starting with this one: Why you have to draft for depth. Good info for fantasy owners of all levels. [Fantasy Douche]
  • And if none of the above was good enough to quench your fantasy football thirst, there are plenty of great fantasy-related reads here. [Fantasy Football Librarian]

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