Tom Brady: Boot or Body Cast?

Colin JohnsonContributor IJanuary 25, 2008

Let me tell you something, if I was Tom Brady and I knew everybody in the media was going to make it seem as if I am dying whenever I wear a boot because I "tweaked" my ankle, I would walk out on the streets of New York in a body cast!

Everybody makes such a huge deal about Tom Brady being in a boot 2 weeks before the Super Bowl. 

I am a Giants fan and I know exactly what the New England Patriots are trying to do. They want to distract the media so that they can get in all their precious practice time to complete their perfect season.

They also know that Tom Brady loves attention and doesn't need to practice because he is so good to begin with. This is a win/win situation for Brady.

While he gets everything he wanted, the Giants are left to think, is he really hurt? I am a true New York Giants fan, but I will admit, the Giants are not the smartest team ever.

Of course he's not injured! Duhhhh!

Tom Brady is a future Brett Favre, without the records. If he misses a single game in his whole career, he'll think that could have been the game where his team scored one hundred points.

My point being, I think he'll cry...

With the way Brady loves attention, he will not, and I repeat, will not let a second-string quarterback take his glory of completing HIS perfect season with a Super Bowl win. With that said, I think Tom Brady could really be in a body cast for a very serious injury, and he would still go out there and play.