Orlando Magic: Top 10 Three-Point Shooters in Franchise History

Eddie WaltersAnalyst IIJuly 9, 2011

Orlando Magic: Top 10 Three-Point Shooters in Franchise History

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    If the Orlando Magic have been great in one aspect of the game since their inaugural season in 1989—It's three point shooting. Even before current Head Coach Stan Van Gundy implemented an offense that emphasizes the deep ball, the Magic have had superior three point specialist dating back to the Shaq days.

    No matter how long-or how-short these 10 guys called Orlando home, they were the most deadly sharp shooters to ever put on an Orlando Magic uniform.

    *All stats are based off career numbers  

10. Courtney Lee

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    Three Pointers Attempted: 602 

    Three Pointers Made: 229

    Three Point Percentage: .380

    Years with Magic: 1

    Though Courtney Lee's tenure with the Magic lasted only through his rookie season; Lee played a vital role in the Orlando Magic reaching the 2009 NBA Finals. 

    Courtney Lee shot over 40 percent from long range during Orlando's 2008-2009 NBA Finals run—making his stay short, but efficient. 


9. Jason Richardson

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    Thee Pointers Attempted: 3803 

    Three Pointers Made: 1418

    Three Point Percentage: .373

    Years with Magic: 1

    Jason Richardson, like Cortney Lee, has had a short stay with the Magic—but he has been a premiere shooter during his limited time. 

    It took Richardson a few games to get in a rhythm with the Magic during the mid-season trades with the Phoenix Suns, but since that time Richardson was able to hit numerous three pointers late in games to help the Magic seal victories.

    Jason Richardson is an unrestricted free-agent so it's unknown whether or not he will be able to continue his three point success with the Magic next season. 


8. Scott Skiles

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    Three Pointers Attempted: 1381

    Three Pointers Made: 525

    Three Point Percentage: .379 

    Years In Orlando: 5

    Scott Skiles was known for his superior passing ability during his career with the Magic, but he was an impressive three point shooter for Orlando as well. 

    Scott Skiles had two seasons with the Magic where he shot over 40 percent from behind the arc, and he ended his career with three strait season's shooting 40 percent or better from deep.

6. Hedo Turkoglu

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    Three Pointers Attempted: 2775

    Three Pointers Made: 1072

    Three Point Percentage: .386

    Years in Orlando: 6

    Hedo Turkoglu might drive some fans mad with his shot selection at times, but one can't deny his three point ability. 

    Hedo may underachieve at times, but when he gets his shot going he can be as good a shooter as any player on the court.

    It's easy to be hard on Turkoglu, but even this past season with Orlando he shot over 40 percent from deep, now the playoffs were a different story (27 percent), but Hedo was clearly just in a funk—a bad, bad funk.

6. Jameer Nelson

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    Three Pointers Attempted: 1358

    Three Pointers Made: 530

    Three Point Percentage: .390

    Years With Magic: 7

    Jameer Nelson has been the underdog his entire career in the NBA, and he's an under-appreciated three point shooter as well. 

    Nelson has shot better then 40 percent from deep in four of his six NBA season's, and if you take away his 31 percent during his rookie season—Nelson would have a career average of over 40 percent. 

    Jameer has been the backbone for the Magic during his seven year career, and his consistent three point shooting is just one aspect of his steady game.

5. J.J. Redick

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    Three Pointers Attempted: 813

    Three Pointers Made: 320

    Three Point Percentage: .394

    Years In Orlando: 5

    J.J. Redick was one of the most deadly three point shooters ever to step on an NCAA basketball court, and he is finally getting recognition as a great NBA shooter as well. When Orlando matched the Chicago Bulls front heavy contract offer to Redick last off season, it became obvious how greatly he was valued to the Orlando Magic organization. 

    When Redick is in the game, opposing team's are forced to keep close tabs on J.J. because he can knock it down as good as anyone in the NBA, and next year should be the year Redick is finally invited to the NBA's Three Point Shootout.

4. Mike Miller

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    Three Pointers Attempted: 3215

    Three Pointers Made: 1298

    Three Point Percentage: .404

    Years in Orlando: 3

    The old Mike Miller and Tracy McGrady days were not very successful for Orlando, but they were fun to watch. 

    Mike Miller shot over 40 percent during during his Rookie season in route to wining the 2000-2001 NBA Rookie of the year award. 

    Miller was one of the many players the Magic should have never traded away, but either way, he was lethal from deep during his three seasons with the Magic. 

3. Pat Garrity

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    Three Pointers Attempted: 1587

    Three Pointers Made: 631

    Three Point Percentage: .398

    Years in Orlando: 9

    Pat Garrity was as consistent a three point shooter that the Orlando Magic have ever had over his nine year career with Orlando. 

    Though Garrity never played for the Magic when they were a contending team, he always seemed to be a sure thing—everyone knew what Garrity was going to give them every night and that was great three-point shooting. 

    Pat Garrity was recognized for his superior three-point shooting during the 2002-2003 season, where he was voted in as a contestant of the NBA Three Point Contest.

2. Rashard Lewis

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    Three Pointers Attempted: 4293

    Three Pointers Made: 1674

    Three Point Percentage: .390 

    Years In Orlando: 3.5

    Rashard Lewis was a great shooter for the Orlando Magic when they were a great team, and he was as important a player as anyone in the Magic reaching their second NBA Finals in Franchise history.

    During the Magic's 2008-2009 Eastern Conference Championship season, Lewis often put the dagger in opposing teams to help the Magic advance.

    Rashard Lewis shot 39 percent or better from deep in each of his three seasons with the Magic, and as a fan, I don't know of a better site then Sweet Lew firing one up from the corner. 

1. Dennis Scott

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    Three-Pointers Attempted: 3,060

    Three-Pointers Made: 1,214

    Three-Point Percentage: .397

    Years in Orlando: 7

    Dennis "3D" Scott often gets overlooked for what he meant for the Orlando Magic during his seven years in Orlando, being overshadowed by Shaq, Nick Anderson and Penny Hardaway—but Dennis Scott was a key piece in the Magic reaching their first ever NBA Finals.. 

    Scott had two seasons in which he shot over 42 percent from the three-point line, including .426 percent during Orlando's first ever Eastern Conference Championship  season. 

    Dennis Scott was, and to this point will always be known as the best three-point shooter ever to wear the blue and white of the Orlando Magic.