Type B: Dennys Reyes

AlexAnalyst INovember 1, 2008

Photo From Daylife.com

The 2008 Elias player rankings have been leaked and obtained by SI.com. The rankings tell which free agents are considered Type A and which players are considered Type B. Here is exactly what the different free agent classes mean:

Teams that lose a Type A free agent receive the top draft pick from the signing team in addition to a supplemental pick. Teams losing a Type B free agent receive a supplemental pick, while the signing team retains its draft choice.

In the rankings lies just one Minnesota Twin (former?), and that would be left-handed specialist Dennys Reyes. With the ranking, if the Twins offer Reyes arbitration, and another team signs him, they would receive a pick. It also means he'll be in store for a bigger deal, and with Mijares and Breslow aboard, he could be done in Twins Territory.

Some other players of note that the Twins might have had some interest (shortstops and third basemen) include: Edgar Renteria (A), Orlando Cabrera (A), and Casey Blake (B). I have no idea if the Twins have interest in these players or if this will affect those interests. We'll see.