Unpredictability? A Look at Miami Halfway Through The Year. *Wildkat Included

Benji ZeledonContributor IOctober 31, 2008

When people came into this year they wondered if we would at least win six games because of Parcells. Then slowly things started pacing up, JT was traded and is injured right now, we picked up Jake Long and Chad Pennington.

But something we picked up after the same old dance has occured. After a major loss to Arizona, and a dismal feeling once again, Miami is in the thicket of the NFL this season. The AFC is in shambles and from the Arizona loss and the QB coach, we have a new offense in the NFL. The Single Wing

The WildKat...

Which deserves it's own article all together has been a godsend to Miami. Due to this direct snap to Ronnie Brown we have a new offensive system that is now truly clicking. Next our defense is as well playing possessed, Joey Porter looks to break the all-time sack record at this rate.

The only issue at the moment is how unpredictable we are. The Ravens contained us hard, that is true and then though we beat San Diego, New England, and Buffalo which is not easy. As well another big problem is the secondary which is struggling of late which if they find a grove in the newly reused nickel packages, should become better.

But as of right now the Dolphins are a steady B

just way too hard to tell if this is real. This grade could improve, just have to wait for the playoffs.