Is Brett Favre Maybe One Of The Most Overrated QB's In History?

Benji ZeledonContributor IOctober 31, 2008

Okay I will get an ear full I know but...Beyond all the records, which are impressive. I will not doubt that he deserves what he has, but the question is that does Favre deserve as much near-god worship he receives?


Statistically he has been great for yards and TD's but then again, his interception rate is high too. The thing is...


the one thing Brett could never do is be consistent. Before this love left people where hoping he would retire as in recent seasons, like multiple others he threw more interceptions than TD's. He did throw many TD's but 20 TD's and 20 Interceptions does not spell much on that factor. Even in the Jets Brett is playing shaky.


Compared to Montana, Unitas, Marino, or Fouts, Brett is fairly far from their level when it comes to that very important thing.


The man never had a season where he was just spectacular. Sure he won MVP's, but he didn't have something like Tom Brady had last season


or the year Marino broke all those passing records. In all actuality, Brett has gained from mostly being very healthy and the many years and pass-happy teams he has played in.


Sorry to say this fans, Brett maybe great...but honestly people still speak of him as a God or the greatest ever. He isn't...


Honestly as well Green Bay should move have a chance now without Favre having seasons like the ones before the last one...where he consistently threw more Picks than TD's. Where the Packers where dismal. Just start looking forward, and hope for the best.