What If...Barack Obama and John McCain Played Some Football?

Benji ZeledonContributor IOctober 31, 2008

Everyone has heard of the Washington Redskins story, that the incumbent will win with a Redskins home win before an election?

Well what if in reality Obama and McCain where sized up and in a match-up in football, let's say for the Bears and the Cardinals, respecting each senator's home state. This all done in total and complete boredom. Lets put it as McCain being a tough man, being a linebacker. Obama, being tall and agile and playing basketball, a wide receiver.

Alright this matchup will be held solely on skills and such.

Alright first play.

Joe The Plummer fumbles the ball (Get it? Plummer? Cardinals? Ok be dead quiet). The Bears get it at the eighteen and Joe Biden tosses it to Barack (Yes, I am not using real players XD sorry).

Using Barack's youth and ability he is able to catch and make a run until McCain hits him up over Foreign Policy inexperience. A first down but not by much.

Next play, Obama flanks left using questions about his past "teams" and supposed spygate kind of things...(I am reallllly being blatant here XD) and getting McCain beat, but using intimidation. DB S. Palin is able to hit him back to the floor for a 12 yard gain. Then Palin's own inexperience come into play as Obama gets a few cards in his favor with their mistakes and gets a jump ball for 50 yards.

Now McCain and Palin become aggressive and start beating down on Biden hard, until it's third down. Third down and they toss it to Barack, first down! Now it's goal as the time tick down to 11 seconds in the fourth.

One more hit, a swipe of bad economy, and Obama is in the end zone and misses with an attack by McCain once again by bringing out old injuries. Obama calls out unscathed for the last pay, then using the hysteria Obama jumps and grabs the game winner. In a show of youth he dances fairly well.

McCain scoffs, knowing in the end his age provided more hit to him.

The End...

Vote Guys!

November 4th is very close now.