Kim Kardashian, Brooke Daniels, SF Giants and Today's Swagger Buzz

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Kim Kardashian, Brooke Daniels, SF Giants and Today's Swagger Buzz

Kim Kardashian is not having the best month one could have. The soon to be Mrs. Kris Humphries made her thoughts known on the recent Casey Anthony trial. 

The oblivious bus pulled up to her house and knocked on the door in the form of a backlash the size of OJ Simpson. The daughter of Robert Shapiro had thoughts on an unfair verdict, leaving all to scoff.

She then tried to prove the size of her worth, um, booty, was real and not fabricated with plastic surgery. We will delve into what went wrong for America's favorite WAG. Could she be losing the magic? We will dish in short order. 

Roy Williams had more than his heart broken when his wedding proposal was turned down by Brooke Daniels. The Cowboys receiver had his $75,000 engagement ring kept despite the negative response from Daniels. 

Well this anti-love story does have a happy legal ending. Williams will get his expensive ring back, but the pride still stays with Daniels. This lockout is turning out to be very interesting after all.  

The SF Giants are a major hit right now. Their reality show, The Franchise, is set to premier July 13th. It's like Hard Knocks, only with more tobacco juice. But that's not all. The World Series champs have a new promotion they are running. 

The club would like all those couples that found themselves pregnant after a night of celebrating the Giants first World Series in San Francisco to come by and prove it. 

The couple that was the closest to the actual game will get some very exciting prizes. I have no idea how they will prove any of this. I also wonder if there will be a doctor present that explains a pregnancy's duration is over nine months. You stay classy San Francisco. 

All of this and more is on the way in Today's Swagger Buzz.

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