Curious NBA Scoring Stats: The Best in a Month, Day, Week or Without Rest

Daniel Merida@baloncesteroContributor IJuly 7, 2011

Curious NBA Scoring Stats: The Best in a Month, Day, Week or Without Rest

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    Even if NBA is in "stand-by", we can make a lot of analysis about last season.

    If we deep into NBA official statistics, we can obtain many curious results that could go unnoticed in most of cases: the best rebounder on Thursday, Monday or any day of the week, the best passer depends of the number of rest days after the match or the best scorer in losing games.

    We are going to analyze the top 12 scorers in NBA: Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Amare Stoudemire, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Monta Ellis, Kevin Martin, Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and Blake Griffin.

    If you want to know more about curious stats from NBA last season, only keep reading...

Best Scorer in a Month: Derrick Rose in October

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    Kevin Durant has been the best scorer in NBA last season, but if we explore month by month, we can see that 'Durantula' never has been the best scorer in a month. Kevin Durant has averaged 27.9 ppp in regular season and his best month was January, with 30.5 ppp.

    The player who has been the best scorer in more months has been LeBron James, who has leaded NBA in January (30.6), March (28.0) and April (28.5).

    The rest of the months has been leaded by Derrick Rose in October averaging 33.5 ppp (the best average score in a month), Kobe Bryant in November averaging 27.2 ppp, Amaré Stoudemire in December averaging 29.8 ppp and Carmelo Anthony in February averaging 30.2 ppp

Best Scorers in a Day of the Week: LeBron James on Thursdays

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    It's evident that it's not very usual that NBA players get the same number of points in two consecutive games and so they score in different ways in different days of the week.

    The best days for LeBron James are Thursdays (32.6 ppp), as Kevin Durant (30.7 ppp), Kevin Martin (27.0 ppp) and Dwight Howard (25.6 ppp). Other best days for the rest of the best NBA scorers are Mondays for Carmelo Anthony (32.2 ppp) and Amare Stoudemire (28.7 ppp), Tuesdays for Dwayne Wade (29.3 ppp) and Dirk Nowitzki (25.7 ppp), Saturdays for Monta Ellis (27.8 ppp) and Blake Griffin (24.5 ppp), Wednesdays for Kobe Bryant (28.0 ppp) and Sundays for MVP Derrick Rose (29.7 ppp). Surprisingly, Fridays are not the best day for any top scorers.

    LeBron James is very special in this topic, because has the highest average score in a day of the week, but the second best for Lebron is 27.7 ppp and even his scoring get down to 23.3 ppp on Wednesdays. The worst days for the rest of the NBA top scorers are Sundays for Kevin Durant (25.1 ppp), Carmelo Anthony (20.9 ppp), Dirk Nowitzki (20.0 ppp) and Monta Ellis (19.3 ppp), Mondays for Kobe Bryant (19.0 ppp) and Derrick Rose (22.0 ppp), Tuesdays for Kevin Martin (21.0 ppp), Dwight Howard (19.7 ppp) and Blake Griffin (17.0 ppp), Thursdays for Dwayne Wade (22.0 ppp), Saturdays for Amare Stoudamire (22.3 ppp)

Best Scorer Without Rest: Dwayne Wade

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    Every NBA team can play 2, 3 or 4 games in a week and the rest time is very important for players' physical capacity.

    Dwayne Wade doesn't need rest for score point and more points. "Flash" is the best scorer with no rest (28.5) and his best average scoring with zero days rest.

    Kevin Durant (30.9 ppp), Kobe Bryant (28.4 ppp), Amare Stoudemire (26.9 ppp) and Dirk Nowitzki (26.5 ppp) gets the most points when they rest during 2 days. 

    LeBron James gets his best scoring (30.0 ppp) when he rest more than 3 days. In the opposite side, are Amare Stoudemire and Dirk Nowitzki, because they gets his worst scoring when they don't play any game in more than 3 days: 17.8 ppp for both players

Another Curious Scoring Stat: Losing Games at Home and Against Teams in the Same Division

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    The best scorer as local player is Kevin Durant (28.3 ppp) and the worst is Dwight Howard (22.2 ppp)

    The best scorer as visitor player is LeBron James (27.9 ppp) and the worst is Blake Griffin (20.4 ppp)

    The biggest diference between local scoring and visitor scoring is for Monta Ellis (27.3 ppp as local and 20.9 ppp as visitor)

    The best scorer when his team wins is Kevin Durant (29.1 ppp) and the worst is Dwight Howard (22.1 ppp)

    The best scorer when his team loses is LeBron James (26.2 ppp) and the worst is Monta Ellis (20.6 ppp)

    The best scorer agains teams in his same conference is Lebron James (30.4 ppp)

    The best scorer agains teams in his same division is also Lebron James (27.5 ppp)

Best Scorer from the Bench: Jason Terry

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    Jason Terry was the Sixth Man of the Year in 2008-09 season, but this year he has been beaten by Lamar Odom, althought "Jet" has been the best scorer from the bench.

    Jason Terry scored 15.4 ppp, ahead Jamal Crawford (14.2 ppp), Louis Williams (13.7 ppp), Leandrinho Barbosa (13.3 ppp), Lamar Odom (13.0 ppp), Thaddeus Young (12.7 ppp), James Harden (12.2 ppp) and Ramon Sessions (12.2 ppp).

Worst Scoring Average for a Team Leader: Elton Brand

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    The best scorer on a team is usually around 20 ppg, in most cases, but for Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee and Washington it is below that margin.

    Elton Brand has averaged 15.0 points this season and he wass the leading scorer for the Philadelphia 76ers, the seventh-seeded team in the Eastern Conference last season. The scoring in Philly is very evenly distributed: Andre Iguodala (14.1 ppg), Jrue Holiday (14.0 ppg), Louis Williams (13.1 ppg) and Thaddeus Young (12.7 ppg).

    Rodney Stuckey has averaged 15.5 points for the Detroit Pistons, another team with a very evenly distributed scoring output: Tayshaun Prince (14.1 ppg), Richard Hamilton (14.1 ppg), Ben Gordon (11.2 ppg) and Charlie Villanueva (11.1 ppg).

    Brandon Jennings has averaged 16.2 points for the Milwaukee Bucks, and he has been one of the best sophomores last season. Only Stephen Curry (18.6 ppg), Tyreke Evans (17.8 ppg) and DeMar DeRozan (17.2 ppg) have averaged more points than Milwaukee's playmaker.

    Nick Young (17.4 ppg) has been the surprising scoring leader for the Washington Wizards. It's very difficult to score a lot of points on a team that is rebuilding. Next season, the Wizards can be the most improved team, because it has a very young roster and all their players will probably improve their stats in 2012: John Wall, Jordan Crawford, Javale McGee, Andray Blatche, Trevor Booker, Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton.