Cowboy; The Bama Fan Icon

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2008

Alabama fans are passionate about their Crimson Tide and you have to appreciate that, but there is one Bama fan out there who deserves a little spot light.

This guy calls himself “Cowboy” and before I go on please watch the video.

So what do you think about this guy? Does he fit the stereotypical Bama fan? Hey Cowboy, I have a message for you. Your Tide has to come to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on November 8, 2008 so please enjoy bragging about the Tennessee win because you might not have the opportunity to brag after this match up.

Do this Cowboy, when LSU beats Bama please get on youtube and tell everyone to go to Bleacher Report and read this article because I am calling you out. That’s right Cowboy, it will be a different story in a week. Although LSU does not have much room to talk so far this year, we are not Tennessee and if Bama struggled against Ole Miss and Kentucky what do you think they will do against LSU.

Oh and don’t forget about Florida, I am pretty sure they have their eyes on the SEC championship as well and if Bama meets Florida in the SEC Championship, you might as well find a new gig because this youtube thing is not working for you.