Arsenal FC: Jubilant Arsene Wenger Splashing Cash...Err Water

Robin SAnalyst IJuly 7, 2011

I read this hilarious article in The Sun and, for a moment, I wondered if that was a manager holidaying after winning the Champions League or at least a Cup in his last season.

After kicking the water bottles for a full season, Wenger has been unwinding himself by sliding down into the Mediterranean.

I knew he was on a slide and if he continues his slide at this rate, he might very well find himself without a platform to slide on going forward.

When Rome was burning Nero played his violin; when Arsenal is burning, well about to, Wenger is playing in water.

Arsenal fans expected him to take more responsibility this summer and make a statement of intent by rebuilding the squad instead of pretending the squad is good enough to mount a sustained title challenge.

As of now, Wenger has done virtually nothing apart from flaunting his toned body to the envious onlookers on the yacht.

This is the sad plight of Arsenal at this moment in time, where nobody is ready to assume the leadership and drive them clear of am impending implosion.

Right from the top, everything seems to be flawed. A face lift is needed starting from the board to the manager and the players.

Thanks to Jack Wilshere and The Sun, you get a clearer picture of what happens at Arsenal training ground from the day one. Now you know why this bunch of players never win anything.

What fans have to understand is there's always a leeway at Arsenal.

"Ruthlessness" is not the word associated with the club, be it on the field or off it, not even on the transfer market.
The club is not serious about competing at the highest level.

The below-par players know that they always get the pay rise for warming the bench while the ambitious ones are alienating the club when they finally realized the club doesn't match their ambition.

The manager is an irresponsible being only interested in merrymaking when the club is in turmoil with problems to be sorted out from contract negotiations to the future of the club captain.

That's even without a mention of the need to strengthen the squad and find replacements for already-departed and exit-bound players.

So, when the manager should be working overtime, he's in a jovial mood of victory celebration oblivious to the sad reality that his powers are on the wane and his club is wrecked in turmoil.

P.S: Go out and celebrate folks. It's festive period. Six trophy-less seasons and counting, which is no mean feat!

Your manager has shown you the way. Now all you have to do is follow him which you've been doing for all this while. Have it easy chaps don't be emotionally overwhelmed. The sun will always rise!

Holidaying is not a bad thing after all! Don't forget to go through the hyperlinked articles and have a good laugh.