With The Fourth Pick In The NFL Draft The Oakland Raiders Select

Benji ZeledonContributor IOctober 31, 2008

WR/ Jeremy Maclin   Missouri

Yes I am aware of the hate Al Davis gets from people. He is "Senile"

loosing it...the man who made the Raiders the Raiders and really made the NFL. Look honestly do you doubt the man? The man /is/ the Raiders. When you see other teams you think of players. You think of Joe Montana when you see 49ers, Dan Marino when you see Dolphins, Favre and Packers, Landry and Cowboys

who do you think when you think Raiders? You do not think a coach or players...you think GM and Czar Al Davis. He will be there until he dies and is constantly building the team. Think about it like this...

what he is doing is making a "Wildkat" Team. He is probably laughing at watching the Dolphins and saying that it's crazy that he's been building that team for the better of a few years. What Al Davis does best is pick random players and make them stars...Casper, Upshaw, Guy...

random...he has created probably the Hall-Of-Famer team, the team where hall-of-famers go to. People say he cannot analyze talent...the busts say otherwise. But to the pic

If I believe in Al Davis he will pick Maclin. Why? He got Walker, and Mcfadden, and Russel. He has the offense he has dreamed of. The two backs and the now wide reciever corp to his big time QB. I do believe was Al Davis is going to do is either run Spread or Wild Hog.

So this pick will really fit, especially if his last dying move would be making the first Spread team in the NFL...or at least the first in a long time. Some people say hes crazy...but they've been saying that when he united the NFL and won four superbowls, and picked Ray Guy

and picked up all those hall-of-famers.