Does Becoming FCW Champion Guarantee Success in the WWE?

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Does Becoming FCW Champion Guarantee Success in the WWE?

Hello everyone. This is my first article for 14 months, so bear with me if it's a little off :)


As many of us are aware, the WWE has a developmental territory known as Florida Championship Wrestling, and as that name suggests, the territory is located in the state of Florida (apologies if I have that part wrong; I'm Australian and I don't know the first thing about American states).

The territory is designed to develop the next generation of WWE superstars, with many of the current crop of superstars having worked their way through the FCW ranks and to the main roster. Although many men and women that have signed developmental contracts, only to survive a few months and never get anywhere near the main roster, there have been many that have had considerable success.

The territory has its own championships, making it like its own brand if you will. Those championships are the FCW Divas Championship, FCW 15 Championship, FCW Tag Team Championships and the FCW Championship.

Three of those championships explain themselves, but allow me to give a quick explanation of what the FCW 15 Championship is all about. The current and only holder of this championship is Seth Rollins, known as Tyler Black from Ring of Honor, and basically the title is defended in 15-minute Iron Man matches.

Now, as the title of this article states, I am taking an in-depth look at those that have been fortunate enough to hold the FCW Championship. If a superstar becomes WWE or World Heavyweight Champion, then they're really considered the top guy in the company, and I see the FCW Championship playing the same role in the territory.

The title itself has been in existence since February 15th, 2008 and became the sole singles championship in the territory for close to three years when it was unified with the FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship on March 22nd, 2008. Since February 15th, 2008 there have only been 13 title reigns between 12 superstars, which is not many considering that the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships throw around titles countless times each year.

The fact that only 12 superstars have held the FCW Championship in well over three years tells me that the title actually means quite a bit in the territory. Most that have held it have actually gone on to have a degree of success in the WWE, but some haven't been so lucky.

But anyway, here is my analysis regarding whether or not becoming FCW Champion proves that a superstar has a very bright future in the WWE.

Hope you all enjoy!

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