Kentucky Basketball: Top 5 Assistant Coaches in Wildcats History

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJuly 7, 2011

Kentucky Basketball: Top 5 Assistant Coaches in Wildcats History

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     The University of Kentucky is one of the most historic basketball teams in the NCAA.

    For decades they have achieved success under many of the best coaches in college history.

    In the shadow of all of the success have been the assistant coaches that were sitting to the right of the coach acting as a facilitator helping to pull the strings.

Joe B. Hall

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    Joe B. Hall was the assistant for storied coach Adolph Rupp.

    Hall was in the post for eight years and became Rupp’s successor when the time came.

    When Rupp’s career came to an end he won four championships but Hall never coached alongside of Rupp during them.

    He instead showed why he was a good assistant when he was able to transition to a NCAA Championship winning coach.

Neil Reed

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    Neil Reed was another of Adolph Rupp’s assistant coaches. He did not amount to much after coaching under Rupp.

    Neil Reed only was the assistant for two seasons but he helped Rudd and the Wildcats build themselves to be finalists the season after he stopped being the assistant.

Tubby Smith

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    Tubby Smith like Joe B. Hall turned his assistant position into a good head coaching position.

    He never gave the Wildcat fans the tournament attention they craved and after 10 years he and the University of Kentucky mutually felt it was time to make a change.

    Tubby though will be remembered for his regular season winning ways. He gave the fans exciting teams to root for over his tenure.

Gale Catlett

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    Gale Catlett was another assistant to Adolph Rupp. The most interesting part of his time as an assistant was he shared the post with Joe B. Hall in 1971 – 1972.

    He did not get the head-coaching role due to Hall getting it but he learned a lot from Rupp and Catlett achieved a great coaching career.

    He succeeded with Cincinnati, and West Virginia as a head coach.

Dick Parsons

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    Dick Parsons was one of the best assistants in University of Kentucky history.

    He held the position while two of the best coaches in the Wildcats organization were there.

    Parsons held his post from 1969-1980 under both Adolph Rupp and Joe B. Hall. He also won the national championship with Hall.

    Parsons never made it to the head-coaching role, but he certainly was able to be successful as the No. 2 for many years.