5 Things That Would Have Changed If WCW Won the Monday Night War

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 10, 2011

5 Things That Would Have Changed If WCW Won the Monday Night War

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    Many have often wondered what the wrestling world would be like if WCW bought out WWE and not the other way around. I believe that there are five things that would never have happened if things went the other way.

    These are just the facts, as some things that happened in pro-wrestling were based on this one take-over. Not only were several wrestlers left without a job, but there were several story-lines that may never have happened. Don't get me wrong,I am glad things went down the way they did.

    Especially, since we have been able to witness many big wrestling moments over the past 10-years. Hopefully you will enjoy and feel free to comment as I look forward to debating my choices.

TNA Would Not Exist

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    Basically, TNA founder Jeff Jarrett was in a great spot with WCW. His long-time friend, Vince Russo was at the helm and Jarrett was often in the main-event scene. So chances are Double J would still be with the company.

    Which would give him no reason to create his own wrestling company. This would mean no six-sided ring, X-Division, and no chance for indy guys like Samoa Joe to shine on national TV.

No ECW Revival

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    One thing is sure, ECW would have been long gone and would have never been revived.

    As many people know, ECW founder Paul Heyman had no love for WCW and chances are he would not have sold his company to them.

Eric Bischoff Would Not Appear on RAW

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    This awkward, yet historic handshake may still have taken place. Except it would have been on Nitro and not RAW.

Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero Would Not Have Shared This Moment

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    At one point, both men were employed by WCW. Both left under similar circumstances around the same time.

    When they left, the WCW chapter of their lives was pretty much closed.

    Even if they would have returned, WCW would not have made Benoit a champion again. Especially, since they had no faith in him during his first and only WHC run with the company.

    Even if they did give him the title, would WCW have made a secondary heavyweight title? Chances are Guerrero would not have been given the ball at the same time as his friend, if at all.

The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan

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    The two biggest names in wrestling would probably never have fought if WCW had purchased WWE.

    Simply put, by the time the merger hit in 2001, The Rock had two huge movies under his belt. One of which was in production and landed him his first lead role.

    Technically, wrestling needed "The Great One" more than he needed wrestling. So there would have been no need for him to sign with WCW and no reason for the two superstars to square off in the ring.