NBA Trade Rumors: 6 Possible Trade Partners for Warriors, Monta Ellis

Evan HowardCorrespondent IIJuly 7, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 6 Possible Trade Partners for Warriors, Monta Ellis

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    I would guess that almost every NBA fan that has been following the offseason has heard of the possibility that the Warriors will trade Monta Ellis in the near future. 

    After the NBA draft, even more hype started once the Warriors drafted Klay Thompson in the first round.

    The Warriors haven't been apart of the playoffs for the last couple of season and might be looking to make a blockbuster trade to make a push for the post season.  

    These trades are geared to favor the Warriors, but in all situations, Monta would fit in very well. 

Monta Ellis to Atlanta Hawks

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    Warriors Receive: Monta Ellis

    Hawks Receive: Joe Johnson or Al Horford

    Either one of these options would be great for the Warriors.  Al Horford and Joe Johnson have both been All-Stars in their career and would make the Warriors much better. 

    I think that Al Horford would be the better fit for the Warriors considering their low post game is the weakest part of their team. 

    David Lee and Al Horford in the post would allow the Warriors to use their amazing point play to their advantage.  I think that if Klay Thompson can step up, Monta would be almost unnoticed.

Monta Ellis to the New York Knicks

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    Warriors Receive: Landry Fields, Iman Shumpert and the Knicks 2012's Second Round Draft Pick

    Knicks Receive: Monta Ellis and Louis Amundson

    Monta Ellis would make this team the best team in the NBA.  They would have four superstars in Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire.

    There is also a rumor of Chris Paul coming to New York this offseason and if that were the case, the Knicks could even trade Chauncey Billups to the Warriors. 

    This is the best first for Monta Ellis since he will be playing with one of the best three players in the world.  I think Monte would go for this, it is just a matter of the Knicks trading away their budding players for a player that is proven to put up over 20 points a night. 

Monta Ellis to the New Jersey Nets

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    Warriors Receive: Brook Lopez and the Nets 2012's First Round Draft Pick

    Nets Receive: Monta Ellis

    This would be a great deal for the Nets and Warriors.  It would give Deron Williams someone to pass to every trip down the court and it would give the Warriors a big man at center.  The Warriors are very weak in the middle and it is obviously an area of concern for Golden State. 

    The Nets are in need of almost everything and with their shooting guard being the underachieving Anthony Morrow, Monte would be a huge improvement. 

    I think that this trade has benefits for both teams and at the midway point of the year that will be proven to both teams.

Monta Ellis to the Chicago Bulls

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    Warriors Receive: Joakim Noah and Ronnie Brewer

    Bulls Receive: Monte Ellis

    Monta Ellis would make the Bulls almost unstoppable.  The problem they had in the playoffs last year was that if Derrick Rose had an off night, the Bulls had no chance to win the game. 

    Monta would change that giving the Bulls another very good option to put up over 20 every night.  If Taj Gibson and Omer Asik step up, the loss of Joakim Noah wouldn’t even be noticed. 

    For the Warriors, Joakim Noah would give the Warriors their long lost center with Andris Biedrins coming off the bench.  Klay Thompson would be forced into a starting-roll immediately and Ronnie Brewer would make a great small forward on a very fast paced team.

Monta Ellis to the Philidelphia 76ers

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    Warriors Receive: Andre Iguodala

    76ers Receive: Monta Ellis

    This is a very intriguing trade for both teams because it could give each team an immediate help.  The Warriors need a guard to also be able to play the small forward position and Iguodala can do that. 

    He all has unreal leaping ability and will bring a dunking highlight real back to Oakland for the first time since Jason Richardson.  Monta would be a good fit for the 76ers because able to play the shooting guard helping Evan Turner transition to the small forward position. 

Monta Ellis to the Orlando Magic

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    Warriors Receive: Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson

    Magic Receive: Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, 2012 Second-Round Draft Pick

    I think this is the Warriors' best option for a trade.  After drafting a prolific shooter in Klay Thompson, Monta Ellis is considered interchangeable. The one problem the Warriors have had is at center, and obviously, acquiring the best center in the league would solve that problem.  The Warriors would also get Jameer Nelson to play the point and finally move Stephen Curry to his true position at shooting guard.  If this trade were to go through after the lockout, the Warriors would be in perfect position for a deep playoff run.