The Top 5 Holders Of Every Active Championship Today

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IOctober 31, 2008

I thought I would do a ranking article since I haven't done one in forever so I thought I would count down the great champions of all the titles in the WWE and (what the hell) TNA too. I also would like to point out that I do have knowledge of wrestling history and the “Old school”.

The Greatest WWE Champions Ever:

1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin- He single handadly carried WWE threw the Monday Night Wars and is without a doubt one of the most entertaining guys to walk through the curtain. As a champion "Stone Cold" had every fan in the arena screaming his name and was the most "over" guy in the late 90s. He the WWE Champion 6 time throughout his career and the Championship always looked like it belonged around his waist. It was like the fans connected with him so well that when he walked around with the Championship they felt they were too.

2. Hulk Hogan- Also a six time WWE Champion Hulk Hogan was the main event scene in the 80s and early 90s. He was the guy that the title always came back to. Hogan set the standard for what a real WWE Champion should be.

3. Bruno Sammartino- The very first WWE Champion then called the WWWF championship. He won the title in a match with Buddy Rogers and went on to hold the title for nearly 8 years. A record that will stand the test of time.

4. Bret “The Hitman” Hart- In the mid-90s Bret Hart was everything good about the WWE and so where his title reigns. The good thing about Bret was that he could have a good title match with anyone they put him in the ring with.

5. Shawn Michaels- When i think of a good well rounded champion I think of Shawn Michaels. He wasn’t just good at one thing he was great at all of them. He knew how to act like he was the best and when he was WWE Champion he was the best.

The Greatest World Heavyweight Champions Ever: 

1. Triple H- When it comes to being a World Heavyweight Champion everyone pales in comparison to Triple H. He was the first Champion and he plays the Championship role so well. When he is a heel he knows how to get heat by cheating anyway possible and as a face he knows how to gain the crowds respect as a World Champion.

2. Batista- As far as being over as a champion goes Batista is the measuring stick for a good title run. He has the classic "face" guy who can work with any heel chasing his title. It was just a formula that worked for him, and it still does.

3. Edge- Second only to Triple H, Edge is the best heel champion the World Heavyweight Championship has ever seen. Just like HHH he would cheat any way he had to to win and the fans ate it up. He was the most over heel Champion in quiet some time. He made Smackdown the "A Show" while he was champion.

4. Chris Benoit- Despite what happened in June of 2007 I still recognize Benoit as one the best World Heavyweight Champions of all time. He had such a fighting spirit as Champion. He was always trying to prove himself to his opponents and that came across as a good fit for him. A Champion who was trying to prove himself and he did.

5- Rey Mysterio- This little guy was the underdog all the way. He was always put in situations that looked impossible to get out of.  He played the role perfectly.

The Greatest TNA/NWA Champions Ever:

1. Jeff Jarrett(NWA)- In TNA Jeff Jarrett became a Triple H type of Champion. He was dominant and really became the "unbeatable" heel. He seemed to have a imaginary magnet that helped him hold on to the title. He had the veteran instinct that a good champion needs to become successful. It also helped that the fans really deposed him as he had a knack for beating their favorite guys by under handed means.

2. Christian Cage(NWA)- He showed up and crashed Jeff Jarrett’s world when he beat him for the NWA Championship. Christian could be a Champion of the people or the Champion everyone loved to hate just depending on what type of mood he was in. He was always a good strongly booked champion.

3. Kurt Angle(TNA)- Kurt Angle was the most dominant World Champion TNA has ever seen. He just punched out win, after win, after win.  He is the measuring stick for what a good Champion should be. His title matches always delivered and he really came across as the greatest in TNA when he had the title.

4. Samoa Joe(TNA)- He did a really good job of establishing himself as a strong champion. He didn't care who he had to fight to get a win. He just wanted to prove to everyone he was the best.

5. AJ Styles(NWA)- He won the title from Jeff Jarrett at a very young age. AJ Styles is by far the most talented of any Champion in TNA history and had a short title reign, but really put him on the map as a main event player.

The Greatest Intercontinental Champions Ever:

1. “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning- When I think of the Intercontinental Championship the first thing that pops into my head is Curt Henning. He brought a touch of class to that title and as many has said: “He wore it like it was the World Heavyweight Championship”. Henning is what every Intercontinental Champion should aspire to be. He was arrogant, talented, charismatic, and was exactly what he said he was, perfect.

2. “Hot Rod” Rowdy Roddy Piper

3. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

4. Randy Savage

5. The Rock


The Greatest United States Champions Ever:

1. Lex Luger- Luger’s name will forever by synonymous with the United States title. He feuded with the likes of Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, and even Brian Pillman. Lex Luger may not be remembered as one of the great of all time, but he will be remembered as the greatest United States Champion ever.

2. Ric Flair

3. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

4. Chris Benoit

5. MVP


The Greatest X-Division Champions Ever:

1. Christopher Daniels- Daniels, along with AJ Styles, made the X-Division what it is today and Daniels truly made the division something special that the fans could enjoy. Daniels wore the title with pride and treated it as if it was his mission to win and hold onto the X-Division Championship. No one else can match up to Christopher Daniels in the X-Division.

2. AJ Styles

3. Samoa Joe

4. Chris Sabin

5. Jay Lethal


The Greatest World Tag Team Champions Ever:

1.The Hart Foundation- They were the greatest tag team of their generation and were the first great tag team to come out of the WWE in the 80s. Bret Hart and Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart became the staple of the tag team division and solidified themselves as one of the greatest World Tag Team Champions in the history of the WWE.

2. The New Age Outlaws

3. The Dudley Boyz

4. Demolition

5. The Hardys


The Greatest WWE Tag Team Champions Ever:

1. Paul London and Brian Kendrick- These two boys straight up dominated the tag team division on Smackdown for over a year and I’m sure you will agree with my saying that these two are the greatest WWE Tag Team Champions ever. They brought a level of high energy to the titles that they had been missing since RVD and Rey Mysterio had left the division.

2. Los Guerreros

3. MNM (Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury)

4. The World Greatest Tag Team (Hass and Benjamin)

5. John Morrison and The Miz


The Greatest NWA/TNA Tag Team Champions ever:

1. America’s Most Wanted (NWA)- “Cowboy” James Storm and the “Wildcat” Chris Harris made up AMW and these two guys were the tag team to beat in TNA up until a few years ago. With 6 reigns and one of them being the longest NWA Tag Team Championship reign ever America’s Most Wanted set the standard and are the measuring stick for all tag teams in TNA.

2. AJ Styles and Tyson Tomko (TNA)

3. The Latin American Exchange (NWA and TNA)

4. Team 3D (NWA and TNA)

5. Team Canada (NWA)


The Greatest WWE Women’s Champions Ever:

1.  Trish Stratus- She took the title “Diva” and made it mean something. She was not just another pretty face. She was a 7 time Women’s Champion and beat every lady put in front of her. Trish is by far the greatest Women wrestler to ever hold the Women’s Championship.

2. The Fabulous Moolah

2. Alundra Blayze

4. Sensational Sherri

5. Lita


The Greatest TNA Knockout’s Champion Ever:

1. Awesome Kong- She has straight up dominated every Knockout in TNA since she has arrived. She has held the title twice since the title’s inception. While she may be large she is very fast and knows how to pick an opponent apart.  

2. Gail Kim

3. Taylor Wilde.

The Greatest WWE Diva’s Champion Ever:

1.  Michelle McCool- This win is by default as she is the only women to hold the title thus far. If there was another Diva’s Champion she would probably be above McCool seeing as she has had the title since early summer and has only defended it a couple of times.


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