Dropping passes

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2008

In thinking about last weeks game I couldn’t help but notice how every article i read talked about how accurate their quarterback was, and how their receivers were making catches. On the flip side, BYU seems to be dropping a lot of balls this year.

There was a time where BYU was known for having sure handed receivers. I remember watching multiple national telecasts where the commentators repeatedly talked about how good the receivers were. One of the biggest keys to being so sure handed was catching the ball with their hands and not their bodies. It seems to me that if it is not being addressed already it would be a simple thing to focus on to help improve the offense.

No matter how good your quarterback is, and how accurate he is, it means absolutely nothing if your receivers can’t hang onto the ball. BYU does seem to throw across the middle a lot which can be risky and get in your receivers heads, but at the same time, BYU also runs a lot of quick reliable routes that should only help to build up their confidence.

It was great to see the offense spread the ball around last week and I look for them to do the same this week. I am all for sacrificing your personal eandeavors for the good of the team, because lets be honest, if your team sucks you won’t get any attention for the awards anyway.