What the ?: Top Five Freak Injuries in MMA

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst IOctober 31, 2008

In light of the strange collapse of Patrick Cote at UFC 90, I have scoured the sources of MMA knowledge to find some comparable material. Here are the grotesque and sometimes career-ending injuries that make you cringe or make you angry, which one is up to point of view.


5. Cote blows...out a knee (just kidding I actually like him)

As most of us saw on Oct. 25, or on YouTube the following day (what?, I'm cheap), Cote pushed Silva further into a fight that any of his predecessors. However, unlike his predecessors, he was not actually beaten by Silva, rather by a knee that blew out. Tough luck, Pat.


4.Shogun's arm-or isn't so shining.

Shogun Rua came out looking ready to take on Mark Coleman and his ever-dulling hammer style of fighting; this was not to be. "The Hammer" came out and went for a suplex style takedown, and when Shogun foolishly put his arm out to break his fall, it snapped under his weight. Ouch!


3.Tomomi Breaks a leg, literally

Oh yes, I'm bringing a woman's fight to the mix. I was always a skeptic of women's MMA, being the purist that I am; however, now I am a believer because of the toughness of this woman. Women's kickboxing and muay thai star Windy Tomomi was at a BoDog fight in Costa Rica, and when she tried to escape a takedown, she landed awkwardly and snapped her ankle and rotated it halfway around. Gruesome stuff.


2. Mirko Can't find his ball

My favorite fighter, and legendary high-kick man, Mirko Cro Cop recently had one of the worst injuries a man can think about. Groin and testicle injuries. His testicle actually went inside of him after an Overeem knee. Oh my God. Need I say any more?


1. Landi Jons cracks opponent...and his shin

Pele Landi Jons was a legend in K-1 with his vicious kicks. Somehow this became a disadvantage in this gruesome injury. His shin hit directly on his opponents knee shattering and destroying is leg. Let's just say he was out for a while.