WWE: Rey Mysterio or Tito Santana, Who Will Have the Better Career?

Joe M.Correspondent IJuly 5, 2011

Some may think the title of this article should be "who had the better career", with Tito Santana's career obviously in the books and Rey Mysterio's career likely coming to an end within the next few years. 

That said, Rey is still going strong, despite multiple rumors surfacing over the past year stating that his retirement is imminent.

It may seem obvious: Rey Mysterio is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion.  Tito Santana has won zero World Championships.  But before anyone rushes to the conclusion that for that reason alone Rey has been more successful, it must be taken into consideration that Santana wrestled in a different time. 

World Championships weren't thrown around the way they are now.  That's not to discredit Rey's accomplishments, but comparing two wrestlers from two different eras doesn't necessarily come down world championship wins.

Both Rey Mysterio and Tito Santana are and were amazing in-ring talents, but both of them lacked a certain "X-factor" when it came to mic work, Tito more so than Rey.

Despite never winning a world championship, Tito Santana has more than his fair share of notable accomplishments in wrestling, both in and out of WWE.  Rey Mysterio, of course, also has an impressive résumé.

I've done a few of these "who had the better career" articles, and this has been the toughest call to make, but I would say even if Rey Mysterio were to retire today, he would've had a better career than Tito Santana, and anything he does from now on really just adds to that.

As always, leave a comment below with your thoughts on who had the better career.