NBA Trade Talk: Should the Miami Heat Trade for Steve Nash?

Imaz ACorrespondent IIMarch 20, 2017

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Steve Nash has played for the Phoenix Suns the past seven years. Over this period of time, Nash has led the Suns to the playoffs five times, getting extremely close to nabbing his first NBA Championship each of those years. Nash is now 37 years old, but he hasn't shown signs of slowing down, averaging 14.7 PPG and 11.4 APG this past season.

It seems his skills are being put to waste, as he is surrounded by a young team that is not yet capable of making a deep run into the playoffs.

As long as he stays with the Suns, Nash's dreams of playing for a title will not come true because of this. I'm sure there are quite a few contenders in the NBA that would like to add Nash to their teams in order to push closer to winning a championship.

One of those contenders could be the Miami Heat.

On the ESPN Trade Machine, I devised a trade:


Miami Heat Receive: PG Steve Nash, PF Hakim Warrick

Phoenix Suns Receive: PF Chris Bosh


According to John Hollinger's analysis of the trade, both teams' projected wins would go down by one.

Michael Wallace, one of ESPN's "Heat Index" writers, believes the Miami Heat would be "a perfect fit" for Steve Nash because the team is in "desperate need for a PG."

In my opinion, this trade would only be successful for both teams if everything goes right.

It's hard for me to imagine Nash in any other uniform. Phoenix management hasn't made it clear that they would be open to trading Nash now or in the future, and I don't blame them—he is the face of the Phoenix Suns. Without him, not many fans would be happy, and not many fans would come and watch the team's games.

However, after years of bringing success to the Suns, Nash deserves to be traded to a team he can win a championship with. In addition, Phoenix should try to get as much value back from Nash so they aren't left with nothing.

With Chris Bosh, an All-Star power forward, and Gortat, an underrated center (he averaged a double-double in March and April),  the Suns would have a solid front line. The departure of Nash also opens the door for young point guard Aaron Brooks, who is capable of leading a team as a floor general.

However, the success of the team depends on Bosh's willingness to play with a positive attitude, and, of course, the Suns' willingness to actually trade Nash.

It's also somewhat hard for me to imagine the Miami Heat without Bosh.

After a slow, awkward start, Bosh seemed like he found his place in a team with two superstars. Trading him after coming so close to winning a title would seem cruel.

But in exchange for Bosh, the Heat would receive an elite point guard in Nash and a good role-player in Hakim Warrick.

How would Nash play with Wade and James though, two players who need the ball at all times? Without Bosh and with Nash, the Heat would need to learn to play with each other all over again.

If LeBron becomes more of an imposing force in the post, and Wade becomes somewhat more passive (seems strange to say), Nash could fit in more easily. The Heat also have good three-point shooters in Mike Miller, James Jones and Mario Chalmers (if they can keep him); Nash can easily distribute the ball to them.

This trade would leave another gaping hole for the Heat—the starting power forward position. Udonis Haslem is capable of being a starting power forward with Warrick backing him up, but the front line of the Heat will still be a glaring weakness. Miami still needs to sign a solid center who can defend and rebound, like Tyson Chandler or Samuel Dalembert, for example.

If they can do this after the lockout ends, the Heat will be a great team with Steve Nash.

As I stated before, the Nash-Bosh trade will only work if everything goes right—unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world.

Both teams have other needs they should address. The Suns should start finding pieces, such as a solid starting shooting guard other than Vince Carter, while the Heat should look for size. Yet many will still continue to focus on the big names; many believe the Lakers should nab Dwight Howard, while in reality, L.A. should trade for a starting point guard.

In the end, it seems both the Suns and the Heat are better off without making this trade, regardless of how intriguing the deal seems.