Hamilton Tiger-Cats' Kevin Glenn Should Put Week 1 Loss Behind Him

Rory BarrsContributor IIJuly 5, 2011

Kevin Glenn completed 18 of 31 passes, with 3 interceptions in Week 1
Kevin Glenn completed 18 of 31 passes, with 3 interceptions in Week 1

Kevin Glenn is one unhappy camper.

The Tiger-Cats veteran quarterback was unceremoniously yanked with 8:45 remaining in the fourth quarter of Hamilton’s 24-16 opening-week loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and immediately revealed his displeasure with coach Marcel Bellefeuille’s decision.

Following a dissection of the circumstances and the aftermath, there is really nothing fresh to be seen here. How lengthy a quarterback’s leash should be, and the potential to damage their frail egos by pulling the plug, is a rather banal quandary.

Being shown the bench on opening night, especially for a pivot who recorded a career-high 33 touchdown passes a year ago, was surely going to spark some controversy. But as expected, Glenn was back taking first-team reps this week with the Cats’ offense.

On July 1, coach Bellefeuille was looking at his team, trailing by just four points in the game’s late stages, despite his leader’s three detrimental turnovers, and considered his options.

In an 18 game season, there are no throwaway games; if the victory is within reach, you must find a way.

This tale has been told time and time again: quarterback-coach feud over a benching, and the starter’s role is in doubt. Why does this have to be?

Ice hockey presents an interesting comparative, where the goaltender plays a similar function to the QB: the leader, the backbone and the foundation.

Every season without fail, any goalie, All-Star or rookie, is liable to be pulled on a given night–it’s just the nature of the game. Sometimes it just isn’t your night; the goaltender and puck are in disharmony. 

But why not the same outrage, media scrutiny or player/coach faceoff? After all, we are talking about a single game, early in a grueling long season where many storylines are yet to take shape. Is there a different mentality in football than hockey?

Both the goalie and quarterback take on an exorbitant amount of pressure, and in turn appreciate respect and confidence from coaches and teammates. But, it appears the football player is the one who is less likely to feel secure – always looking over his shoulder.

Glenn has been here before. As recently as 2009 he was tabbed as the backup to his current understudy Quinton Porter. He has worn three different uniforms in 11 seasons, and he knows the highs and lows of the pro athlete life.

Canadian Football is a unique landscape, and unless you are Anthony Calvillo, job security is hardly guaranteed. The next American import is lurking around the corner, hoping to make his mark and ideally re-ignite his NFL dreams.

Quickly, and as anticipated, the murky Hamilton QB controversy cleared up this week, as fast, if not faster, than it arrived. Glenn is still No. 1, and the Tiger-Cats are showing full faith in their shepherd.

It could be a week, month or full year before another brush up occurs between player and coach in Hamilton or another CFL city, but something tells me the aftermath and outcome will be eerily similar.

Fear not, insecure spiral hurlers, your standing may not be as unbalanced as you think; the shaky ground you stand on may simply be a tremor, not a full-blown earthquake.

Look beside you, to the netminders of Canada’s favorite pastime, and observe how they struggle one night, and rebound the next. 

No need to blow a gasket.  The next time an off night presents itself, just hope your team can rally for the win, and come out slinging the following day.