WWE RAW Review: July 4, 2011

Joe SchmoContributor IIIJuly 5, 2011

We get a recap of what went down at the end of the show last week in Vegas.  I’m really expecting a sick counter-promo from Cena. 

Cole tells us Punk’s been fired for his actions, so we are going to get a No. 1 contender match between Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and R-Truth.  Riley will also take on the MIZ mano-y-mano tonight.

Cena’s going to start us off.  We get a mixture of cheers and boos when Cena mentions Punk’s suspension.  Cena says the WWE’s decision sucks.  He says he would never leave the company with the WWE Championship. 

Although he doesn’t agree with Punk, he understands where he’s coming from.  He talks about censoring by the WWE, including Daniel Bryan’s incident and WWE stealing people’s signs when they enter the arena.  A “First Amendment” chant starts up.

Cena tells us that he looks like the Cool-Aid man in jorts.  This is one of the reason why I love Cena.  No problem making fun of himself.  He continues on about the censorship and says he wants answers straight from Vince McMahon. 

The Champ concludes that he wants to face CM Punk at Money in the Bank.  Great Promo.  He said everything that needed to be said.  I’m surprised that Cena didn’t say he would prove to Punk that he’s the best, but I guess It was because the promo was more directed at the WWE than Punk.

Kelly Kelly and Eve, who are looking AAAAAAWWWWWEESSSSSSSSOOOOMMMEEEEE tonight will take on the Bella twins.  Lawler wishes Kelly Kelly was a twin.

Eve and Kelly Kelly won, as Kelly Kelly continues to dominate the Bella Twins.

They are really pushing this Silent Rage each week with promo videos.  I’m really interested to see what he can do. 

Truth interview back stage.  He complains about having to fight two people for the No. 1 Contender when he beat Cena last week.  He tells us he saved 15 percent on his car insurance by switching to Geico (I’m not making that up) and then told us, “someone’s gonna get got!”

When Truth turns to leave, he runs into Del Rio, who Truth referred to as “Senor Jimmy.”  Del Rio says it is his destiny to win tonight. 

Santino and Kozlov take on the Nexus.  Cole and Lawler wonder what Nexus will do when Punk leaves.  If that doesn’t break them up, nothing will.  Santino goes for an early Cobra, but Otunga ducks the outside. 

Lawler tells us if he did the Cobra, it would be called the “King Cobra,” and Cole rightfully makes fun of him for such an awful joke.

Kozlov and Santino work over McGullicutty until he’s able to tag in Otunga.  Kozlov is able to reverse a double suplex by suplexing both Nexus members at the same time.  He tags in Santino, who does his split arm toss then pumps up the Cobra.  He hits it on Otunga, but McGullicutty is the legal man.  McGullicutty hits his swinging neckbreaker to get the win.  That was a pretty boring match.

Eli Manning comes to interrupt them.  I knew NFL players were doing some strange things to make some money during the lockout, but I did not expect this from a Super Bowl MVP.  He says “Woo Woo Woo… You know it” then smirks and walks away.  That was a waste of 15 seconds.  Cole calls Ryder’s twitter followers the “Zack Pack.”  What was the point in that?

Cole tells us he thinks MIZ will win, and I gotta say I might agree.  Either MIZ or Del Rio.  I still haven’t made my concrete pick yet.

Backstage interview with MIZ, who says Riley cost him a spot in the No. 1 Contender match tonight.  He says that he brought Riley into RAW, and he will take Riley out as well.  MIZ is legitimately frustrated by Riley’s antics.

Backstage, Sgt. Slaughter is talking with Evan Bourne when Jack Swagger interrupts.  Swagger says he should be citing the Pledge of Allegiance and not some guy who sided with Iraq during the Gulf War.  Slaughter says everyone makes mistakes including Swagger’s parents for not using birth control.  That was wonderful.  Swagger challenges Slaughter to a match tonight and Slaughter accepts.  We could all really be spared this match where Bourne will inevitably help Slaughter win. 

Nevermind.  Swagger won in about two and a half minutes with his springboard splash move, then put Slaughter in the Ankle Lock.  Bourne rushed the ring to take out Swagger and lets Slaughter recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

The No. 1 Contender match is up next.  I’m guessing we’ll get a run-in DQ of some sort because I doubt that McMahon won’t give Cena his match against Punk.

Rey starts off in control.  I think he was lining up for a Bronco Buster, but Del Rio took him out with a big drop kick.  Truth gets control when Del Rio goes to the outside and hits Mysterio with his spinning forearm.  He throws Del Rio and Mysterio into the barricades outside the ring, then tosses Mysterio into the ring.  Truth in complete control as he works over Mysterio then launches himself off the apron onto Del Rio. 

Del Rio comes back in just in time to save a pinfall, but Mysterio tosses him back outside with a big hurricanrana. 

Big spot right before a commercial break.  Truth put Mysterio up on the top rope, but Del Rio snuck up behind him and put Truth on his shoulders so Mysterio could hit a huge cross body.

We come back to Del Rio in control over Mysterio.  Mysterio tried to get some momentum but was squashed by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Del Rio. 

Another great spot.  Mysterio (in the ring) and Truth (apron outside the ring) are throwing punches when Del Rio sneaks up behind Mysterio and grabs him.  Truth clocks Del Rio then hits a sunset flip on Del Rio, who simultaneously sends Mysterio flying with a German Suplex.  Del Rio somehow kicks out at two.

When everyone gets back up, Del Rio hits Truth with Carlito and Primo’s backbreaker move, but the pin is broken up by Mysterio.  All three men trade near falls.  Mysterio after a huge kick to the head of Truth, then Truth after his scissor kick move. 

Nice finish: Del Rio ended up outside after missing a dive move on Truth.  Mysterio takes advantage with a 619-frog splash on Truth, but Del Rio comes back in just in the nick of time to pull Mysterio off and slap on the Cross-Armbreaker for the win.  That match started out really slow but definitely picked up at the end with a number of great spots and nearfalls.  Big win for Del Rio.

Del Rio will be the No. 1 contender for the WWE Title.

Apparently Dolph Ziggler was born on the 4th of July.  Or not.  Apparently Vickie Guerrero thinks everyone should sing happy birthday to Dolph because it is America’s birthday and Dolph is the United States Champion.  Vickie’s about to sing.  Good time to get some ice cream. 

Ziggler grabs a mic and says that there will be a dozen more John Cenas, a dozen more Randy Ortons, but there will never be another Dolph Ziggler.  I think that’s because he’s the only person willing to wear his hair the way he does.

SOS.  Kofi interrupts.  He inadvertently pushes Vicki into Ziggler’s cake which spurs a brawl.  Kofi chases Ziggler around the ring then backstage.  That was pretty pointless.


Intro music power rankings:

3. Cena

2. Swagger

1. Alex Riley

Riley turns MIZ upside down early with a running lariat.  The action spills outside and MIZ takes the advantage when it heads back into the ring.  MIZ keeps control for a while with a nasty DDT for a two count.  A flap-jack gets another two count and MIZ is getting frustrated.

Cole goes on huge rant about how he admires MIZ for being successful.  Lawler says Cole likes MIZ so much because MIZ is successful and opposites attract.  Burn.

MIZ really hits that Scorpion Death Drop hard.  I like it as a signature move for him.  MIZ gets caught by a spear from Riley who goes on fire and nails a huge spinebuster.  Riley has really impressed me with his wrestling ability.  MIZ reversed Riley’s DDT to take control, but shortly after Riley hit a creative reversal of MIZ’s backbreaker-neckbreaker combo into a pin for the win.  Well scouted by Riley.  MIZ could not look any more pissed.  He looks like his head is about to explode.

I gotta say, how crazy would it be if MIZ won Money in the Bank last year then, one year later, his protégé turned nemesis wins?  Riley’s got the ability but it may be too soon for him.

In vintage fashion, MIZ destroys Riley, tossing him all over the arena like a rag doll.

We get the Punk recap video again, which is incredibly well done.  The Chairman takes the stage.  Someone has a “Cena turn heel” sign in the background.  Surprised WWE didn’t confiscate that.

McMahon says he suspended Punk because he deserved it.  He says it had nothing to do with the words against his family.  He then says: “He was going to tell you a story about me.  Let me tell you a story about him.”

He says Punk wanted special limousine service, to be on promotions and DVDs and “all that crap that he doesn’t deserve to be on, that’s why he wasn’t on them.”  He says that Punk is just that, a “Punk.”  Very witty McMahon.  I had never thought of that one.

Right as he’s about to leave, Cena blows up his spot.  Man does he look pissed.  He stomps down the ramp with a real quick salute.  They banter back and forth about freedom of speech.  Cena says McMahon used to be a fighter who stood up against anyone who tried to get in his way, but now he may have gone soft.  He says he still wants to fight and if “you don’t want to fight anymore, maybe you should hang it up old man.”

McMahon says the real reason he suspended CM Punk is because he didn’t want to take the chance that Punk would beat Cena and leave with the WWE Championship.  Cena says it is ridiculous that McMahon won’t let the people see the match of the year because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. 

He says that he works his ass off for him because he thought the WWE Championship meant something, but if McMahon won’t let the match go down, he has already made the title meaningless.  Cena hands the title over to McMahon then leaves the ring.  McMahon chases him then tells him he can have his match but if Cena loses, then he is going to walk up to the ring and tell him right to his face that he is fired.

This is the most brilliant story I’ve ever seen in WWE.  Three wizards on the mic going off each week.  They can’t let this thing end as just a three week long feud can they?  Can they?  I am certainly hooked for next week to see what will most likely be a segment with all three men in the ring face-to-face.  Until then, you have been a lovely, lovely, audience.


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